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Silent Sunday

| July 31, 2011 | 18 Comments
Silent Sunday



Party Girl Birthday Card

| July 30, 2011 | 2 Comments
Party Girl Birthday Card

My show me your stationary post is a birthday card. I think I’m perhaps stretching the stationary definition, so sorry Molly!

I would include birthday cards as stationary, but this is something I’m going to make into a 9th birthday card, for my daughter Miss N.  I love it so much, and just had to share it with you.

We bought it at West Bridgford craft market today, from a lady whose son made them on a lazer cutter. It’s not her birthday until September, so I’m going to play around with some idea’s of how to make it into a card. Its called the Party Girl, and it reminds me of famous vintage illustrations, but I can’t remember the name of the lady who drew them. Maybe someone can help me?

It came with different fabrics and flowers, even a tiny fan to accessorize with.

Now If you have any stationary you would like to show off, then please pop over to the gorgeous Molly and the Princess’ blog, and join in the Linky. It starts on Saturday, but remains open all week.

Molly and the Princess

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Ping and Pong

| July 28, 2011 | 3 Comments
Ping and Pong

This is my first book review, and a children’s book review too! As the reason for writing this blog, is to act in someway as a journal of my family, I thought I would explain a little bit more about my family, and what books mean to us.

Me (Amanda)

I am a lapsed book-worm, I love reading, in lots of different genres. I find it hard to read as much I would like with children, but if I find a book I enjoy I struggle to put it down. I always and have my own ending in my head, if I’m not satisfied with how a story has concluded then I change (yes really) I am a sucker for a classic!

Favourite read: Jane Eyre

Tall Dad:

Has little time for reading, though he is partial to the odd sporting autobiography. He is often given books for Christmas (by me) and rarely reads them. Loves reading stories to the girls, and its great at doing the voices!

Favourite read: Around Ireland with a fridge.

Miss N:

Is a prolific reader, yes she only 8 but always has at least three books on the go on her bedside table, one in her school bag and her reading book for school, thank goodness for the local Library!

Favourite read: The thing she read last ;)

Miss A:

Loves having a book read to her, especially at night after her bath. Prefers short stories, or ones with recognisable characters in, and picture books.

Favourite read : Winnie the Witch.

Twitter is a great place for following authors, publisher and bookshops, it has given Miss N the opportunity to review books for Waterstones and others. It was on twitter that I started to follow Amy Trevaskus (@AmyTrevaskus) the author of the Ping and Pong collection. If you don’t follow her already I strongly advise you do, she’s lovely!

You can purchase the books on the website here: and here is how the series is described on the site:

Ping and Pong are the friends that every child deserves, they take imagination and the importance of learning and turn it a fun adventure.

Ping and Pong feature in a range of books that will grow with your child. Whether your child is two or twelve they will love the stories written just for them (we are sure you will become quite fond of them too!)

Ping and Pong : Splash

This is the first story, where Lucy finds Ping and Pong, living in a grandfather clock. They then all go off to the park. As the first book in a series it is the setting up of the three main character, introducing each of the personalities. Its main theme is friendship and imagination.

Miss N first comment was that she loves the illustrations, the tallness of the characters she really identified with them – we are a tall family!!

Wow, I love this book! I really like how Ping is so daring and will take a risk. As for his sister, she gets a bit frightened especially at the park on the swings. Also the pictures really stood out for me. You really cannot miss these books!!!

We all enjoyed this book, loved the theme of the park and splashing in puddles, it was a perfect length for either Miss N or Tall Dad and I to read to Miss A.

Ping and Pong : Grow

The second in the series. In this story Lucy, Ping and Pong discover how to grow vegetables with Lucy’s Nan and Grandad. The imaginary element is stronger in this book I thought. I also loved that it explored growing things like carrots and strawberries at an allotment. The illustration again were fabulous, we particularly liked the overhead view of all the different sections of the allotments and Ping and Pong asleep leaning against the label for the strawberries. Miss N did have an imaginary friend, but grew out of it – it was a boy who lived in the down stairs loo. I think these books would be lovely if you child did have an imaginary friend, as a way of talking about the subject. Great book, and again perfect as a bedtime story.

There are 10 books planned in this series and we can’t wait to read the next!

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Soap Dish?

| July 25, 2011 | 9 Comments
Soap Dish?

I have recently (I know, late to the party) discovered Lush. I took Miss N there, last weekend and treated her to Sunny Side, a bath bomb, that has glitter in it (an 8 year olds dream) We also bought her a shower block of soap The Godmother, but we didn’t really have anything to rest it on in between her showers. So this weekend, I wandered around my local charity shops with her, on the off-chance we found some thing she liked.

We found this sweet dish, hand painted in Portugal:

Not sure if the number on the back is the year it was painted? It was 99p nothing really for something handcrafted!

Here it is with the soap on it, she’s really delighted. Feeling so grown up trying different products. I love the way the soap looks like it has fossils in it.

I also bought (well I couldn’t resist it), another dish. It’s Jersey pottery, which I have a soft spot for since I visited with Tall Dad earlier this year, and fell in love with the Island.

It was £1.99, we use liquid soup in the bathroom, but thought it would be good to use for a guest soap, what do you think?

So that was my magpie monday finds. If, my fellow magpies you have enjoyed this post then please follow me on bloglovin or subscribe! Here is the link to where you can find more treasure

Me and My Shadow

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