Sweet Dreams

Miss N has just reached the funny age of 9 going on 19! She seems to have overnight become a sleep loving teenager. She is no longer the first person awake, bounding into our bedroom to greet us with a smile. But the last out of bed, who seems to spend an age stretching and yawning and sleepily replying ‘In a minute Mum’.

So when I told her she would be getting a new Duvet, she was really genuinely delighted.  We have been planning this for a while, together with a new bed. So when I was approached to review one I jumped at the chance. We bought her new bedroom furniture last year, and now all her bedroom needs is a more grown-up bed to match.

I’ve been looking at Dreams Beds and found a day bed that I know she would love. With the addition of lots of cushions, she could use it when her friends come to play as a sofa or to read on and relax.

day bed

I think we would buy one of those trundle beds to go underneath, for when she has sleepovers, its perfect!

The Duvet we have been given to review is from Dreams. A ‘Loves to be Washed 13.5tog duvet.


It is exclusive to Dreams, the ‘Loves to be Washed’ duvet can be washed and tumble dried at home and promises it will stay as soft and snuggly for a warm nights sleep.

It really is fantastic quality, a feels quite opulent it is so snuggly. I have bought washable duvets before, and this is be far more superior.

I….erm… gave it a little road test on the sofa, and I would like to declare it far better than the duvet my husband and I use. So I think we may need to buy a kingsize version too!  Being washable it is a great idea for allergy sufferers.

I didn’t even realise that dreams did bedding, I think that makes the site a great one stop shop!

Friday night is our movie night, so I think we might need to do a little more testing, pass me the popcorn!

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Disclaimer: This duvet was sent to me free of charge, the thoughts and words however in this post are mine.

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    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says

      Great for your son, as he has allergies.
      Yep, always up with the lark at the weekends!

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