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I know it’s supposed to be hip way of filtering your photographs, and sharing them, however I really don’t like it.

I’m just not that into you Instagram.

There I’ve said it.

It’s not exclusive to the Instagram app, I just don’t get why you would want to take a perfectly good image and alter it, so it looks…well naff, grainy and poor quality.

Apparently Instagram today has been sold to Facebook for 1 Billion Dollars…really??

I attempted an experiment, it not a great one, as to be honest after fiddling around with the app, I found it so blinkin frustrating, I wanted to throw my phone.

Here is the original Tall Dad and I, on a night out.

It was taken with my old phone, so not the best quality anyway.

instagram experiment

Here is the image, once its been instagramed (is that a word?) But honestly, I don’t need any help looking paler or insipid. Tall Dad, had been working very hard on that tan, that I just wiped out in seconds. ;) It may well help me a little being so blurry, so people can’t see the wrinkles, but I don’t want a photograph with washed out colours?

When I take a photograph, I want it to replicate the image and memory, as best it can.  Of course, the majority of editing is fantastic.  I do use Picasa, and have used Picnic to edit my photographs, and I enjoy playing around with them.

I just can’t put can’t my finger on it. It almost feels that people are trying too hard, with Instagram.

I was born in the 70′s, so maybe that’s another reason I don’t get why you would take a photograph of a dog/cat/budgie (delete as applicable) and make it look like it came from the era you were born?

So I leave you with another image, an original of my Mum and I,  with my Little Granddad, as he was very affectionately known to me. My very best friend when I was small, my Great Grandad.

It one of my most treasured photographs, I have of him, as he died whilst I was still young. I love that this is an image that completely reflects the era, and is not doctored in any way.

This is how I want to remember it.

So what do you think, do you love Instagram?

Thank you for reading

I am really proud to say this post was chosen as a Britmums good read.


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  1. Nikki Thomas says:

    I do use Instagram and sometimes it works and others I think ‘no’. I like it as I take my photos on my phone and can edit them on the phone with Instagram which makes it easy! I haven’t used it in the PC though is there a PC version? I think we all like different things and thats a good thing but I know what you mean, some things are seriously overrated and it can be annoying when everyone raves about them!
    Nikki Thomas recently posted..I need a holiday holiday!My Profile

    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says:

      I’ve only had a play with the phone version and the iPad one. Don’t think there is a pc version. But I have seen similar filters on things such as picnic.
      I think some of the filters are subtle, and you can’t really see that much difference. But some, just ruin it for me :(
      Its a bit tongue in cheek as I don’t really hate anything. I think its just cos I don’t get it. I’ve tried to…but I don’t!

  2. Lucie B

    Sorry, but I have to disagree! I love Instagram & think it’s a way of getting everyday throw away photos out there. You don’t have to use their filters, I often edit them on my iPad & just post them on instagram without their filters.
    I’m gutted to hear faceache, I mean Facebook have bought it!
    Please give it another go! I love seeingpeople’s everyday photos & I post lots! X

    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says:

      I shouldn’t really be feeding your addiction ;) but there is instapad as well, have you used that?
      As a way of sharing photographs I have no problem with it. It’s the filter bit, I just don’t get :(
      But I am willing to be persuaded?!

  3. Molly

    I have lots of thoughts about this one A, but I’d take up a whole page if I started! Let’s just say I don’t use instagram. I love the photo of you and your grandad – and your mum looking as glamorous as ever! What are in those jars in the centre of the table, eek?
    Molly recently posted..Magpie Monday: Bring back the sunshineMy Profile

    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says:

      I think I have an official agreement with my argument From Molly…YAY!
      And as for the jars, our family will eat anything with vinegar, it’s a tradition! ;)

  4. Ruth

    I’ve had a bit of a play with Instagram and it’s good for some things (e.g. I like the Christmas tree picture I used here: http://minibreakmummy.com/2011/12/14/seasons-greetings/ ). But I agree with you that it is overrated and overused.
    Ruth recently posted..Listography – top 5 albums by male solo artistsMy Profile

    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says:

      I’ve had a peak at the Christmas tree, nice image. I see why you like it. To me it reminds someone of yester-year, Christmas’ past? Maybe that’s the point…I don’t know lol.

      Definitely over used, I saw someone tweet about beauty bloggers single handed being responsible for the million dollars. Which I know was a joke. But isn’t the colour of the nail varnish etc important.
      I realise it’s not a true colour over the Internet…but the quality must be so poor after its been instagrammed!!

  5. Carol says:

    I also don’t want instagram, the quality of photo looks pales and life less. I love to use nikon instead.

  6. TheBoyandMe

    No no no! You did *not* just say that?!

    However, to give you a little leeway here [ ;-) ] it’s not the photo editing qualities that I like, it’s the function to see so many snaps from people’s lives. I actually use it a little bizarrely, but I know I’m not the only one. I take a photo on my phone (because the camera is better than the iPod Touch), e-mail it across to the iPod, then use the Camera+ app, save it and then upload it. Seems complicated, takes less than two mins and the photos are so much better than using the Instagram filters.
    TheBoyandMe recently posted..Which Way?My Profile

    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says:

      I don’t deny, it a quick and easy way of sharing photographs. It’s the filters, the over use of it and the snobbery, if that’s not to strong a word surrounding it.
      I love the way you do it tho, I wish I could get my head round it….genius!

  7. Tasha Goddard

    I hate it, too! For the exact same reasons. I love my photos from the 70s, precisely because they *are* from the 70s. To be honest, all these instagram photos confuse me – when they first started appearing, I thought people were scanning old photos and then I’d realise there was a mobile phone or flat-screen TV in the picture and think ‘Huh?’

    Love the photo of you with your Grandad. I have some lovely photos of me with my grandparents that I treasure, too.
    Tasha Goddard recently posted..How do you play with your children?My Profile

    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m so pleased you get what I mean. Me too, I find it confusing. The other day, I saw some, that were scanned 70′s photograph on instagram. That was a real mind warp! :)

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