Why I love John Lewis Nottingham

You may have read my post about visiting John Lewis recently, and going on a tour. I was so impressed I wanted to dedicate a post to some of the services that they offer specifically at the Nottingham John Lewis store, though most of these are, of course available country-wide. If you visit the John Lewis site, you can see all of the available extra services at the Partnership. Here are some of the ones that I love.

First up, one for crafty types:

Rowan Coffee Mornings

Bring your own knitting, and come along to a coffee morning. We all know how cool it is to knit, what a great idea to meet up with like-minded people and have a natter.

Upcoming dates at John Lewis Nottingham, currently always at the time of 10.30 – 12 noon. (Please call 0115 9418282 to confirm time and date)

  • Saturday 12 May
  • Saturday 9 June
  • Saturday 7 July
  • Saturday 8 September
  • Saturday 6 October
  • Saturday 10 November
  • Saturday 8 December

Tickets are £5, but this includes refreshments and a Rowan voucher, so it’s not really costing you anything!

Unfortunately my knitting is very poor, or I would be taking this offer up. I spent some time in the haberdashery department at the weekend, and was blown away by the new fabrics and patterns that were available as well as craft sets, yarn, sewing machines and *ahem* buttons!  I’ve just purchased crochet hooks and some yarn though, and going to have a go at teaching myself how to crochet.

Fashion Advice

Do you have an important occasion to go to, need a new capsule, or a holiday wardrobe? Just had a baby, would like a makeover or starting back to work?

This service I think is just fantastic, I got to meet two of the dedicated team of stylists at Nottingham. They were so lovely, approachable and friendly but very knowledgeable.

I almost booked there and then, as I am incredible nervous about what to wear for the blogging event Cybher in a months time. What is so great about this service, is they work with you, your body shape and budget for around 90 minutes to two hours. Ensuring you leave with clothes that work for you. Clothes that fit with your current wardrohelp but perhaps push you to try things you wouldn’t ordinarily think to try.

All you need to do is fill the form online or contact John Lewis Nottingham on 0115 9418282, and its completely free!

And finally Home Design Service

We also visited the home department, looking at all the exciting new summer garden ideas. Did you know John Lewis sell pods for your garden.  So you can dine all year round, in a self-contained garden room or Jacuzzi’s, no me either!

I met one of the stores Home Design Consultants too, she spoke to me about key looks and trends and how she helps to put these together.  I don’t want to repeat myself, but I again thought she was incredibly professional but extremely warm and welcoming. We spoke about key looks and trends that she would be talking about in an upcoming event.

If you are making some changes in your home, there are two options available, either having a consultation with an advisor instore, or at your own home.


Now if you are looking to make some minor changes, from one to several rooms, from decision-making to delivery.  John Lewis will:


work with you through the entire process, giving you ideas from current ranges, and showing you how to co-ordinate colours, furniture and accessories to refresh or restyle your rooms.


At-home consultation:

How about those more ambitious projects, if you are redesigning more than one room – or you may just not know where to start.  Then how about an at-home consultation. They cost £200, but are completely refundable against the cost of made-to-order products you buy for your project.

Next year we hope to revamp our living room. It’s a fairly big space, but it doesn’t get as much natural light as I would like, and I have dark leather sofas.  I have had my eye on this sofa – the Barbican which I love as it looks classic, modern but with a retro twist:

I think it would work well in my room with a matching snuggle chair. I would really welcome some input, on how to pull the look together, with accessories.  I love interiors, and have a strong design style, but I would welcome a fresh pair of eyes on colours, and textures, to make the space light in the day but cosy in the evening, so I am definitely going to keep this service in mind for the future.

The John Lewis store in the Victoria Centre, and before that at King Street, feels like part of the history of Nottingham.  One that has built up it’s reputation on service and quality, and giving that little bit extra. The Partners (staff) and customers seem to have a mutual respect in my opinion, as the service they provide is unrivalled…why would you want to go anywhere else?

Thank you for reading





Thank you again to the fantastic and dedicated Partner Louise Law, for spending the time to take me on the tour of the Nottingham John Lewis store.


    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says

      There is within the Victoria centre car park. Lifts to the car park. Also a customer collection point, and short term parking area to load your goods I believe.

      Thank you for your comment.


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