Meal Planning Monday (7 May 2012)

I’ve decided to give Meal planing a go for lots of reasons. One of which is I am an habitual stockpiler. I seem to have a fear that I will run out of things, so currently in my ‘over spill’ cupboard, I have 4 bottles of salad cream, and 3 jars of vegetable Bisto Best, and wait for it….7 packs of pasta! Honestly, why do I always do this?

I also think it will be great way of producing less waste.  If we are not planning on having, for example salad, there is no need to buy two bags of it (something I do regularly) just in case. I also would like to try new recipes, and I do find, if I get myself organised, I am more likely to do this.

When you read my meal plans, you will see that I do tend to cook vegetarian dishes, I may add meat to a dish for the rest of the family, (I don’t eat meat) or very occasionally cook two separate dishes. I am only going to include the evening main meals, as we tend to have just a yoghurt or fruit for dessert. If I have planned something else though I will include it.

It is slightly more complicated this week, as I will be at Cybher, a blogging conference (can you hear my heart beating from there?) in London – from Friday to Sunday. Its my daughter, Miss A’s 3rd birthday next Monday too, so I need to make sure I get organised! So here we go:

Meatless Monday: Pizza with coleslaw and salads

Quick and simple, as its bank holiday.

Tuesday: Quorn Goujons & a mixed salad with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes,  homemade bread.

This is to use up the goujons, I will just have salad and bread as I don’t enjoy Quorn.

Wednesday : Celeriac Lasagne with broccoli, Arrabiata sauce, Parmesan served with oven roasted tomatoes.

This is from a book I am reviewing (Eat Your Veg by Arthur Potts Dawson) I have promised myself to cook two meals this week from it, to really test it out.

Thursday : Asparagus Risotto: (adults) Cottage Pie  (the girls) with a selection of vegetables.

The risotto is also from the book I am reviewing, it has Prosecco in and I’m really looking forward to it!

*CYBHER* Fish Friday : Jersey Royal potatoes (with mint and parsley herby butter) with fish, with crushed peas and soya beans.

I’ve not bought the fish, I’ll need to do that later in the week, as I want it to be fresh – I really don’t like frozen fish.

*CYBHER* Saturday : TBC

I’m not sure its fair of me to say plan something for this day, as Tall Dad and the girls will probably be out and about.

*CYBHER* Sunday : A late Sunday Lunch once I get back, but I will include a potato and fennel al forno.

I may even get to use up some of my Bisto best!

Thank you for reading

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  1. kay says

    That’s very organised! I try to do this every now and then but get lost half way through the week. Good to see Cybher on your plan too. You’ll be footloose and fancy free by then, least they can cook their own for once ;O)

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      I’m hoping that putting it out there, will mean I have to follow it!
      Yes, tho my OH, will be on his own on Friday too, so he reckons fish and chips is on the list :)

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Am I? I’m terrible at it, I also plan on using thinsg up in my freezer, as I need to defrost it! Not a job I enjoy, but that’s next week!

  2. Molly says

    Oooh, a yummy week! I reckon it’s the Irish in you that makes you stockpile (me too), it’s fear of another famine :) I bought the fennel and potatoes for the Arthur Potts potato and fennel al forno only to get home and find I had no onions or shallots, so have used the fennel in another dish. Will try again this week! I really should mealplan, but I never do. But I’m starting Jenny Craig this Thursday thanks to you, so at least for two weeks I’ll know what I’m eating!

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      I bought the celeriac by mistake, I should have bought Jeruselum Artichokes, for another dish. But
      it worked out better anyway, as I really fancy the lasagne!
      Good luck with the JC! :)

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Risotto, far too stressful for come dine with me! But I have another recipe in mind! I must keep doing it, I’ve got to say, having a plan has really helped this week!

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