Sunny Days (Week 21)

It been glorious, a truly gorgeous week in the sun. So uplifting to take photographs in the sunshine. Here are my photographs this week.

Sunday : Return


We’ve all missed my Mum and Dad, as they have been away. Welcome Back!!

Monday : Boing!



Tuesday : Aquilegia


We have so many of these that have come up in the garden, in lots of different colours.

Wednesday : Laughter


Not sure what I was laughing at but Miss A took this!

Thursday : More bouncy fun.

You can see just how much hair she has here.

Friday : Counting



fun in the sun

Miss N and Miss A had great fun chasing one another with the water.

Glourious Sunshine!



    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Thank you! Was a bit of a suprise when I found it on there, she a little David Bailey 😉

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Thank you so much Sonia. Really pleased with this weeks, think they reflect the girls perfectly. Not sure about the one of me….I’m usually miserable 😉

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Thank you! Have you found it easier too? I had so many photographs to choose from this week, which was great, but took me ages to whittle them down.

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Thank you, she’s unbearable in the morning, unless she has a dress on now. Will not go anywhere near trousers or shorts. Hope it stays nice and sunny!!

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