Luminiaria 2012 :Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham

I could not be more excited to share with you the images from this evening, the launch and world preview night of the newest Luminaria,  Exxopolis .

What a fabulous achievement, not only the Architects of Air (they are amazing!) but all of the Nottingham groups and communities that came together to help build the stained glass windows. Including the Nottingham bloggers group, of which I am very proud to be a part of.

From the outside:

Luminiaria 2012


Such fantastic light and colours:

Luminaria 2012


The spaces merging, pathways and tunnels:


A choir, other worldly and ethereal:

The stained ‘glass’ panels in this photograph are the ones built by the Nottingham bloggers group.


The beautiful windows:

Lumiaria 2012

The Luminiaria is on display to visit at the Lakeside Arts Centre for the next two weekends, including lots of other events and shows celebrating the Wheee and Jumpin festivals. It will then carry on its tour around the world.


Follow this link to see a video of the experience, over at the Alexander Residence blog.

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    Really lovely photos! I’ve finally got around to posting mine today – including the one with you doing jazz hands 😉


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