Our Adventure at the Nottingham Contemporary : Francis Upritchard

So this is the second part of my Nottingham Contemporary post., you can find the first part HERE, and the third part HERE (to be updated)

Two of the rooms of The Contemporary in Nottingham are filled with Francis Uprichard’s figures (21st July – 30th September) each one is very different. They all had a theme for me, I’m not sure this was what Uprichard was going for, but it was spirituality.

Francis Upritchard – A Handful of Cards

Francis Upritchard

The girls copying the moves. There was lots of figures doing similar moves, it almost looked like meditation.

Francis Upritchard

Francis Upritchard

These two reminded me of Mahatma Ghandi and John Lennon. I love the way they contrasted against the rug behind.

Francis Upritchard

This one, looked quite real, even though painted in strong colour sand Miss A was not so sure about it. She really looked like an old teacher I once had, I think her name was Mrs Christie, and taught RE.  It funny how these thing pop into your head as you are walking around.

The next two appealed to me the most, I liked the hippy feel to them.

Francis Upritchard

Francis Upritchard

I took this to capture the life likeness of the skin and faces.

Francis Upritchard

We really enjoyed looking around and the girls seemed to enjoy it as well. We chatted about the figures and what they liked or disliked them. It seemed unreal as we walked around from room to room, knowing that the hustle and bustle of the city was so close.

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  1. Becky says

    Looks like you had an interesting time so wonderful for children to interact with art iots how they will come to appreciate it. Love the Contemporary they have some unsuual exhibitiions

  2. says

    I’m not usually a fan of contemporary art, preferring good ol’ oils or watercolours for my viewing pleasure, but I really like these sculptures, there’s something very…touchable about them. Maybe it’s because a lot of sculptures are marble or alabaster which seem very cold and these are made of lots of different components and colours and have a real depth and warmth.

    Either way, some great photos here!
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