Feather and Black : A bedtime story for my princesses.


The Princesses heard it.  In the distance it was so faint they had to stop breathing to make out the sound.

They clutched one another’s hands tightly until their knuckles were white.

‘Can you hear it?’ whispered Natalie

‘Yes’ said Amber with fear in her eyes, she huddled as close to her big sister as she possibly could.

Outside the cottage that the two sisters lived was the crisp and perfectly snowy street.  The houses dusted with snow, like a sugar sifted scene in a snow globe.




‘There it was again! OH MY,  I really heard it that time!’  Amber’s wide blue eyes, grew even wider with every sound.

Natalie pulled the covers of the duvet right up to their noses.

‘What is happening out there?’ Amber was getting really worried now, as she saw the warm glow growing through the curtains.

They held hands, pushed the duvet to one side. Quietly tip toeing across the bedroom egging one another on to look outside. Dressed in purple bed socks with snowmen and snuggly pink P J’s buttoned right up to their chins, to keep out the winter chill.

Only moments before the noises began, they had been playing a game.  You know the one.  You draw a part of person starting at the head, folding the paper down so the other person doesn’t see it. It’s then their turn to draw the next section.  Completing a very funny and higgledy-piggledy person. It was their favourite game to play together in the evening before they went to bed.




Feather and Black ‘You are the eldest’ said Amber with an elbow in Natalie’s ribs ‘you look pleeaase Natty’

Natalie knew, that the only way they would find out where the noise was coming from, was to muster every brave bone in her body and look outside.  As she drew back the curtains a strange thing happened the glow that she had seen when they was on the bed, now felt like heat a strong warmth that filled her body.

She hesitated, and for some reason her eyes were drawn to the scattered papers that lay on the floor of the drawings they had made.  Discarded as they had heard the first noises coming from outside Rose Cottage.

‘But…but…I don’t understand’ cried Natty, green eyes ablaze as she stared at the scene outside the cottage.

‘Natty….why…what’s happened’ spluttered Amber, tiptoeing to see over the ledge.

Outside where there had once been frost and snow and darkness, was evening sunshine, a red glow and the glint of….. feather and black ‘What’s that it’s sparkling or is it moving Natty?’ Amber pointed into the distance. ‘Look on the horizon’ can’t you see? its moving towards us, it can’t be?

It really was.  The sparkly dancing blue and white was the sea. The sea, that had once been more than 100 miles away was rapidly getting closer. The girls instinctively held hands. And as the watched, the water drawing closer, they spied boats, bobbing away in the distance. As if by some magic, one of the boats pointed itself in their direction and floated towards them.   No that wasn’t true it didn’t seem to be touching the water and it wasn’t being propelled by the wind.

Within moments it was half way towards Natalie and Amber,  and as fast as you could say ….well…..Fizz, Whizz….Whoosh. The Boat had landed on the cobble street in front of Rose Cottage, now like a long sun-kissed pebbled beach. feather and blackThe owner of the boat climbed out, well kind of clambered really.  A girl at least it looked like a girl with a mass of fiery red hair, and a pirate hat sat precariously on her head. Almond shaped eyesssss……, well only one eye as the other had a patch covering it.  She was chewing a what looked like a small golden stick, moving it  from one side of her crooked mouth to the other.  She flicked the stick away and smiled, a huge beaming smile.

Natalie and Amber hesitantly moved forward to get a better look at the pirate girl.  Who seemed friendly enough.

She wore what looked like a black silky evening dress, all sparkly with a long green necklace, and hands with purple nails. She was wearing clown trousers with bright red clown boots that made a squeeky noise when ever she moved. She had started to walk when….oooops, she stumbled and fell collapsing in a heap.

Natalie and Amber rushed to help her up.  The more they helped though, the more in a pickle they became.   They stumbled over one another and looked like a huge big blur of purple bed socks with snowmen on, and long green necklaces, red clown shoes and pirate hats.

Well they all became a higgledy-piggledy mess!

Then the giggling started, they laughed and laughed until their sides hurt.  They clung onto their stomachs and wiped away the tears.  The girls smiled at one another and it was as if they had been friends forever.

‘Well’ the pirate girl with the fiery red hair spoke, breaking the laughter ‘Aren’t you going to ask who I am?’

Natalie and Amber looked at one another, and each in turn looked at the red headed pirate.  The realisation dawning on them at exacty the same time.

‘You are our higgledy-piggledy drawing’ cried Amber, unable to keep in, what might be considered a little rude phrase to describe their new friend.

‘Why yes, you guessed, hurrah!  My name is Pentrone. I am the person you were drawing tonight, and rather delightful I think I look.’ Her hands with the purple nails performed an extravagant flourishing movement all the way down to her clown shoes.

‘I have so much to tell you, but first I have an offer to make you’

‘Yes, yes’ Natalie and Amber chimed together.

‘Well how about we go on an adventure, this evening and well every evening, you will have great fun I promise’

The girls glanced at one another, then at Pentrone.  They didn’t even need to even discuss it.

‘We would love to’

‘Great News’ and up popped Pentrone, still slightly wobbly on the those big clown shoes.

‘Don’t worry about me girls, just getting used to these new shoes’ Maybe draw them a little smaller next time’ she said with a smile, and a twinkle in her eye.

They all headed to the boat and started to climb in.  With a twiddle of her gold stick in her mouth they all…..




They were off on their first adventure!

The End of this story, but the beginning of another!

Disclosure: This is my entry into the Feather and Black Midsummer Night Dream Blogger Competition. Feather and Black, known for their bedroom furniture and the most amazing adult and childrens beds have set a challenge. A group of bloggers have been given four images over the last few weeks that are to inspire a bed time story.

You can read more about it HERE.

I would really welcome any suggestions for the story. Maybe ideas on what adventures they could be going on? Do you think the ending is the right one? Do you like the character of Pentrone?

If you like this story, I would really appreciate you liking it on the Facebook Album of Feather and Black, more details on this later.

Thank you for reading

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    • says

      Ooh love that idea! I think I was afraid of it being too scary for a bedtime story, so wanted to leave it on a safe level. Maybe I’m wrong though….maybe pen throne needs them for some a puzzle or a mystery! Thanks Penny :)
      I will tweet you about Liking, nice I find out more. Thanks again Amanda x

  1. katrina allen says

    Love it, love it, love it, my only suggestion would have been to use your beautiful daughter’s fabulous names…so that WHEN it is made in to a book they can read it to their children….xxx

    • says

      Aha!!! Love this idea Katrina, I used the same initials here, as I wanted to keep it anonymous. However, once my publisher ask’s me to continue the story, I’m sure I’ll change the names 😉 hehe!

  2. Sian says

    wow, what a lovely beginning to a story : )
    can’t wait to read the rest!
    I’m not on facebook, but will ask my mum to like : )


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