Living Room Makeover #1

So, I’ve talked and blogged about it lots, but I wanted to do a couple posts that show the progression, and reasons for my living room makeover.

There isn’t really anything wrong with our living room, it just needs tweaking to work better for us.  The sofas were from our old house, and our current house (we’ve been here 5 years)  is much much darker, and they just don’t work. They will be going to a good home though, as they are in great condition still.

living room makeover

As you can see from the photograph, I have cushions in raspberry pinks and reds, and the sofa, is a very dark brown leather. You can just see my curtains as well. Which again, are very dark brown with a golden colour and blue.  I previously I had duck egg blue cushions on the sofas.  We have two, two seater sofas, and we really need to have a little bit more seating than this.

double doors, leading to conservatory

The curtains lead onto my conservatory, they are definitely needed as with double doors and two small windows either side, it quite drafty through them they in winter time. But I also like them to be drawn right back to try and get some light in during the day.  On a day like today (wet and miserable) I need a light on really, its so dark.  Unfortunately I’m not sure my budget runs to new and lighter coloured curtains, as I am trying to do this as inexpensively as I can. I’m going to make a final decision on this one at the end though.

double window front

On the opposite side I have double windows, with roman blinds (they are actually blackout blinds) which I know I won’t replace, I love them.  When they are down they make the room feel so cosy at night. During the day, they don’t really block out the light too much anyway.

The living room also has a fireplace, which I love.  It is a working fireplace, and we chose it when we moved in. When I look at it, it makes me smile.  So that’s definitely not changing, though I hope to dress it differently. Maybe take down the Christmas lights! 😉


The coffee table:

I love this coffee table,  its G Plan and I bought it from a fab tweeter who sells all things vintage. Here is the Facebook page, where she posts new stock regularly So Boho Vintage. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide us with enough of an area to rest drinks though, so that is something I definitely need to consider with the makeover.


  • Need it to look lighter and brighter.
  • New Sofas
  • Keep with a hint of vintage and humour, if possible, but more grown up.
  • Natural feel with wood.
  • More areas to put drinks.
  • An area for me to store my laptop/iPad.
  • Shelving for books.
  • Lighting
So next week I will update this post, with what has been acheived so far.
Thank you for reading

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