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We love Halloween, I have two boxes full of decorations that we get down each year from the attic. I’ve even got Halloween bunting, trust me it’s so cool.  We always choose a new outfit, and either go to a Halloween party or have one ourselves. Any excuse for a family party and to dress up to be honest 😉


Last year Miss A and I went as two witches cats. Tall Dad and Miss N as Lurch and Wednesday from the Addams family.

They were really trying to keep a straight face in this photograph!

We usually purchase the outfits by shopping online, at somewhere like Littlewoods.  We either buy complete ones, or its more fun to adapt costumes.

We do have a bit of a not too scary rule, as Miss A is only 3, so don’t want her to have nightmares.




There are some fabulous costume ideas on the Littlewoods site, so I thought it would be fun, to pick out some of my favourites.


Here’s one that I know my youngest would love.  She adores animals, and I think this one would be perfect for her.

The Halloween Toddler Tabby Cat, is £13.00 which I think is great value. It’s a jumpsuit with a hood for the cat’s head. It also includes her favourite colour at the moment….pink!



Next up is another fantastic outfit, it did make me chuckle when I saw it.  I wish they did it in a larger size, as Tall Dad, would look very funny in one like this.

Halloween Toddler Monster outfit is £20, I think you could even use this one for the dress as a book character event next year.

Top, jacket and headpiece have a velcro fastening. It includes the top, jacket, trousers, headpiece and shoes covers.


How about a spider costume? I think this is the one I would go for, though I’m absolutely terrified of them!

This is actually named Spider Fairy.  It’s £41 for the dress and the hat.  I love the hat, I’m sure you could wear that again for a Madhatters tea party. It looks flattering enough to cover up even my hips. 😉


Finally Halloween Gothic Count priced at £68.

I’ve blogged before about my love of all things vampire, well this is just the ticket for a more old style vamp.

I know its more expensive however it includes the jacket, matching waistcoat vest and cravat and top hat. Perfect for Tall Dad, who is so tall, he could use his own trousers and shoes. I just love this one, it’s not too scary but I would definitely would add some vampire teeth for after dark.


So what are you planning on wearing this Halloween? Do you have a party, or go out trick or treating?

Thank you for reading



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