Taylors of Harrogate : Coffee with Character (The Road Trip)

Last week, I was invited to a fantastic event at the Taylors of Harrogate HQ. I travelled up with my good friend Becky from the Family Budgeting Blog, after needing to get up at 6 in the morning, and catch 3 different trains, believe me I needed a cup of coffee by the time I got there!

Coffee Bettys Taylors of Harrogate

We were treated to a really lovely selection for our lunch.  Just in case you didn’t know Betty’s (Tearoom) are also part of the Taylors of Harrogate company in Yorkshire.  A perfect pairing don’t you think?


It was a really interesting day, the people who work for Taylors of Harrogate are so passionate, and clearly know their coffee.  I am a big coffee drinker and I know exactly what I like, however I felt a little embarrassed at my knowledge at first. I quickly forgot that as we were whizzed through history and growing information that was conveyed with such enthusiasm that I’ve got to admit was infectious.

Taylors of Harrogate

As I have written before, I do love a cuppa, I like a blend that is strong but smooth. The variety and the various flavours within that have always passed me by. Once we were given the opportunity to ‘slurp’ (kinda like wine tasting but from a spoon) with the expert Emily, I really started to get it. I got citrus and berry notes on my favourites (get me) as we tasted the single origin coffees. I began to understand, that the choosing of the highest quality coffee that Taylors of Harrogate prides itself in, really does affect the taste.

Taylors of Harrogate

We then went out to the greenhouse, to see their very own coffee plants, which were from a traditional variety.  It was so peaceful in there.

Taylors of Harrogate

It was at this point Emily thought we should try the eight blends that make up the Coffee Selections. Each of the selection really do taste different, and it was interesting to taste them at the same time, so that we could compare and contrast them.

The Coffee Selections are available in two varieties, on-line on the Taylors website www.taylorscoffee.co.uk, priced at £3.99 per pack of four.

This is such a fantastic idea!

They’re a really easy way to experience new flavours and aromas and extend your coffee repertoire. Each pack contains enough coffee to make a perfect 8 cup cafetière – so there’s no need to measure out with a spoon and there’s plenty for enjoying with friends. Being in smaller convenient packs means they’re perfect for traveling or if you’re a light or occasional coffee drinker. Also having a Coffee Selection in your cupboard means you always have an impressive choice of fresh roast and ground coffees ready to suit any occasion that may arise.


So no more worrying that your coffee will go off quickly, the four individually filled packs of ground and roast coffee are the perfect size.

I actually think this would make a great gift this Christmas, along with a Taylors of Harrogate Cafetière.  Forget a selections box of chocolates, buy for the coffee connoisseur in your life, a Selection box of Coffee!

Thank you to everyone at Taylors for a fantastic day, I think my addiction has grown.


I was not asked, or paid to write this post, I just wanted to share my day with you.  Taylors of Harrogate, did pay for my travel to attend this event, and I received a lovely goody bag. My thoughts however are 100% honest.



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