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My Fireplace

| November 27, 2012 | 4 Comments
My Fireplace

old fireplace

I love my fireplace, but whilst I have been doing a makeover on my living room, I realised that I also needed to revamp it.  So I decided the easiest way to do this was to look at some inspiration on Pinterest.  My favourite mantel displays seemed to contain lots of glass, and candlesticks so this is the theme I went for.

I scoured the charity shops, but didn’t find anything.  So I decided Ebay would be much better, it really came up trumps and its so easy, and secure to pay for things with Pay Pal and within a 2 weeks I had all of the items that I needed, and a few more bargains!

I knew I wanted the fireplace to remain a focal feature, but the large vase in the middle was blocking out so much light reflecting from the mirror. The colours really didn’t go with the room any longer as well.  Though I thought I could use most of the other items, by moving them around the room. We also needed a new fire-guard, as the one we had, was both borrowed and brass. We quickly sourced a new one of those, and with some negotiating I managed to get it for £22, a complete bargain.

Over the two weeks, I managed to find a collection of used vintage glass candlesticks, ranging from 99p, to 4.99 for the teal 1970’s vase in the centre. So including postage I paid around £20.

fireplace makeover

It was such a small thing to move the large vase, that is in my first photograph, but the amount of light that it has created, is brilliant.

I have really enjoyed using eBay, though must admit I’ve become addicted to buying candlesticks.  I don’t really need any more but can’t resist searching for them.  I also bought a 1920/30’s vintage children’s tea set for £4.99 at the weekend.  This is on Miss A’s Christmas list, I am so pleased I have not only got a bargain, but it much more unique and pretty than a modern set, I shall post a photograph of that another day.

So here is the finished fireplace.  I am very happy with the result.

Fireplace makeover

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I Love Mondays : O Christmas Tree….

| November 27, 2012 | 10 Comments
I Love Mondays : O Christmas Tree….

A slightly delayed I Love Mondays post. I’m really sorry, but I am so very busy at the moment, and I’m spending so much time doing my shopping online, I’m not actually finding the time to write a post about the lovely things I have found. This was actually brought to my attention by a friend, Claire Wileman, who knew I would like it.  She knows me so well! So for me this one is an absolute corker.  I am dedicating this I Love Mondays post to, this small but perfectly formed site, Sarah More Vintage.

This is the online home of vintage designer and writer Sarah Moore and the team. Sarah is the all time biggest fan of vintage fabric, haberdashery and wallpaper and making mistress of old-fashioned and vintage inspired pieces.  She wrote a great book that I love, Homemade Gifts Vintage Style.

She also has a shop, with many beautiful things in.  My highlights are the SMV studio, I love the Fauxidermy.  I have my own stags head in fabric, but these are amazing!

The item I wanted to share with you is the Lampshade Christmas tree.  The ultimate vintage Christmas tree!  You can choose the colours of all the trimmings, be still my beating heart! Yes, it is investment piece, but boy it would be worth it.

Sarah Moore Christmas Tree from Lampshades

Images c/o Little Tree Designs : 1 Image from GoodHomes magazine  2 Image from Sarah Moore Vintage

I think this is one I am going to be saving up for!

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Flubit : Review

| November 27, 2012 | 2 Comments
Flubit : Review

You’ve found the product you want online. Before you hit ‘buy’, tell flubit.  They’ll create a better offer just for you. Before you buy it, flubit.

Flubit logo

I was asked to review the site Flubit.  I must admit that I hadn’t heard of it, but once I went on the site I was intrigued.  Now I have used it, I am well and truly hooked.

As a parent, you work hard to try to make sure that your children have a magical and wonderful Christmas, full of love and traditions and laughter. Part of the traditions of Christmas are, of course the presents, for your family and friends. Lets face it, it’s an incredibly expensive time.  When I am looking for gifts, I look at two main areas – quality and price. So it is with this in mind that I looked at flubit.

On entering the site, the first thing that struck me was how much graphic, and easy to use it is. I also love that you ‘DEMAND’ a better price, feels very empowering!  The price comes back around 24 hours after you demand a better price.  You are then given a time limit to use or reject that offer.  You are sent email prompts so that you remember to do this, which is really handy.

I decided on three things to test, so I could show the savings that you can make:

First up was a new Christmas tree I had spotted.  The best price I had found was £85, flubit came back with an offer saving me 8%.


The second was for my Dad, who has no sense of smell, but insist on smelling gorgeous! I found this on offer for £34.85.  Flubit however came back with offer that saved me 12%.


Finally for Miss A, a Furreal Baby Butterscotch, which usually sells for £99, I found it, again on offer for £69.99. It was a challenge by this point, to try to beat flubit, and I couldn’t believe it when they bettered the price by 11%!


So if I purchased all three items, I would have saved a grand total of £18.01 thats really a great saving!

I had been given a budget of £50 so that I could fully test the site.  So I decided to buy the Christmas tree, it was delivered promptly once I had paid for it using my paypal account. A very simple no fuss transaction.

So what’s the catch?

I honestly can’t find one.  You are under no obligation to purchase from them, and they do not charge for the service.  I think its one of those things that once you try it you just can’t stop.

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Fashion for Home : Firefly Glow Stool

| November 26, 2012 | 12 Comments
Fashion for Home : Firefly Glow Stool

Fashion for home firefly glow stool

This is the second and final piece that I am reviewing from the Fashion for Home site.  The first being the retro styled side table.

The Firefly Glow stool is priced at £99 (reduced from £169) I think that is great value for money!

It is colour selectable lighting box for both inside the home and out. The Firefly Glow Stool is easy to control, as all you need to do is use the handy remote control to alter the colour.

It arrived well packaged, and complete with instructions. I love that I can put it on a timer, which has been great in the evenings.

When I saw this on the Fashion for Home site, I knew it was just perfect for us.  I love quirky and interesting lights in a room, and I have been trying to layer the lighting in my living room, whilst giving it a makeover. It shines 6 different colours, as well as plain white. It returns to white, whilst not in use.

I love how it looks, both in the evening and in the day:

Firefly glow stool fashion for home

It been very popular with Miss A and N too! I can’t wait to use it, in summer in the garden, when we are having a BBQ.

Product Details

  • Indoor and outdoor glow stool
  • Supplied with remote control, built-in rechargeable batteries, adapters and instructions
  • The remote control can adjust the LEDs to 6 colours plus white
  • Colour rotate and pulse functions
  • Rechargeable batteries with approximately 6-8 hours charge
  • LEDs with an average lifespan of 5000 hours
  • Remote control has a range of 2 metres
  • Timer Function: 3 hour automatic off
  • Material: Polyethylene, LED lighting
  • Dimensions: Height 40 cm, width 40 cm, depth 40 cm
The Firefly Glow Stool, is currently on the site available for immediate dispatch.  I love it, and think it adds a cool modern twist, to my very vintage inspired living room.
Oh and please check out the new Fashion for Home blog, We Heart Home… it’s fab!
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