Disney : It’s a Whole New World!

When I think of Disney, I think about the movies and TV programmes, that are our favourites, and the amazing holidays that we have enjoyed at the theme parks.  What I didn’t really, realise is, how many fantastic games, on so many platforms, that they have to offer.

Well I had a very special invite last week, to go and view some of the upcoming game releases at the HQ of Disney in London.  Unfortunately neither Miss N or A could make it, so it was up to me to take it all in, and it was a complete treat!  We saw the Disney Princess Fairytale adventure which we reviewed HERE and also the Brave video game, which I know my little Brave Princess, would love if she were a little bit older.

There are two upcoming releases, are available on the Wii, Playstation 3 and XBOX (at the end of November) and they look set to be on lots of Christmas list this year.

Epic Mickey 2


The first being Epic Mickey 2 – The Power of two, that I mentioned HERE on a previous post.  It looks brilliant, the attention to detail that the game has, bringing together old Disney movies and forgotten characters looks like it will be engaging to adults and children alike.


It has strong friendship and team work themes, and re-introduces the character of Oswald the lucky rabbit, a long-lost friend, into Epic Mickey 2.


The graphics are beautiful, and whilst we were there, the children absolutely loved playing the game. There are choices to make within the game, ones which alter the entire journey.  I personally loved all the little touches that the game has throughout it.  If you look at the image above you can see the Mickey mouse watch faces. I remember as a child I always wanted one of those watches, and that my Uncle Mick (now in New Zealand) always wore one.

Toy Story Mania

The second new release. we were given the opportunity, to play was, Toy Story Mania. It will be released on the XBOX, Wii as well as the Playstation3, again at the end of November.

We played the XBOX version,  I had never used an XBOX before and it was great fun. You find yourself getting so involved with the game, as It uses the Kinect for XBOX 360 technology.  In the game, you are joined by all of the main Toy Story characters. It was silly and fun, and the children seemed to laugh lots whist playing it, especially at the custard pies! It has lots of mini games to keep them entertained, and the opportunity to compete against family and friends. Let the Christmas games begin!

Thank you to Disney, for allowing me exclusive access to these new games, they were fantastic, and set to be firm favourites this Christmas. All of these will be available to purchase at Amazon or Disney stores nationwide.

Do you play Disney games, I’d love to hear from you if you do, what’s your favourite?

Thank you for reading

Disclosure: I payed all of my expenses to attend the event.





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