London Blues

Vintage London Map

I feel like I have spent so much time in London recently, especially in the last week, I can’t shake this strange feeling I have.  I’m calling it the London Blues.   I never would have thought that I would ever feel like this.  I’m missing all the hustle and bustle. The anonymity, but the affinity I have with all of the people moving around the city. Strangers to one another but for a smile.  London is loud and in your face, but at the same time invigorating and exciting.

I’ve blogged about my event at Disney HQ, but I also visited Warner Bros. HQ and was introduced to, the many different ways that you can view Warner Bros. films and games. I met some really fab people at the event, who explained the ways that this could be done.

Have you heard of blinkbox or KnowHow?

They are both pay as you go, no subscription services to watch Movies or TV, and both had many merits.  I loved that they didn’t have adverts, and fantastic parental controls on them.  Something that is important to us. They are available through many devices such as PC, and smart TV’s.  I’m definitely interested in giving them a try.  I’m steering more towards blinkbox, as Paul was very cool guy, and I loved how he talked so passionately about the history of the company.

We were also had the chance to play two new games available in time for Christmas. Lego – Lord of the Rings. The Lego series, is a very cool set of games, that has had many incarnations.  I can see why they have chosen Lord of the Rings, as the characters are perfect to be converted into miniature square bodies version of themselves. I can just imagine Gandalf and Frodo!

The next game, was Harry Potter Kinect. I love games, that actually get children up and moving around, and this is exactly what this does.  I sat and watched a girl playing this, whilst I was at Warner Bros. I loved seeing the concentration and delight on her face as she jumped, dodged and ducked the branches of the whomping willow laughing as swiped pixies away. Great fun! We would love an XBOX, and I’m chatting to Tall Dad about us having one.

London St PAncras Station

Once I left Warner Bros, I actually had a couple of hours spare, I toyed with shopping, or the cinema. Looking back I can’t actually believe what I decided to do in the end.  I went to St Pancras station, drank Champagne and read a (terrible) book, and watched the world go by.  To top it off, it got a little chilly, and the lovely bar manager gave me a blanket to keep me warm. What a great day, it’s no wonder I’ve got the London blues.

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    Good choice, you can’t beat London for people watching! I used to get an early train to a job in Goodge Street and spend 20 minutes drinking cheap coffee in Pret and gawping out the window. Despite living in London I never seem to be able to make the London events, it would be lovely to meet some other bloggers at last!
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