Wonderbook Book of Spells : The Launch Party

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PlayStation kindly invited me to the launch party of The Wonderbook Book of Spells, held at the Freemason Hall near Covent Garden.

WOW, what an event, it was filled with so many things, that I really want to share with you.  I am going to do a separate post that has more information about the game Wonderbook Book of Spells, but I wanted to do one more about our amazing day, so please indulge me.

We were greeted by a wizarding man, who heralded us in, and proclaimed that the wonders we were about to see were that of legendary proportions….he was not wrong!

Playstation Harry Potter

Firstly the amazing venue.

Wonder Book of Spells Playstation

It was a crazy place, absolutely perfect for the event. It had dark and mysterious areas, full of history and fantastic architecture. Even toilets were something to behold, and so very similar to the ones described by JK Rowling that Harry Potter used.

Playstation book of spells

Suits of armour, that came alive….

Wonderbook of Spells playstation

With magical mysterious characters.

wonderbook of spells playstation
Spell casting and puzzles to solve.

playstation Wonderbook of Spells

and an owl, the most beautiful owl I have every seen…called Bob!

The activities were amazing too.

We took part in shadow puppetry shows

wonderbook of shadows playstation

and Miss N even took part in wizard bingo and the bewitched limbo :

wonderbook of spells

Once we had completed our riddles and tasks, we were judged worthy to play the soon to be released game.  The PlayStations and Wonderbook, book  of Spells games were dotted around in small alcoves throughout the venue.  It was brilliant to see all of the children (and all of the adults) playing the game. Which looks and feels like pure magic!

Wonderbook of spells playstation

I am in awe of this game, it is just amazing.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells is the first title to be published which uses the innovative new PlayStation®3 peripheral, Wonderbook, and will transform the world around you with the next step in reading and augmented reality gaming. It is also the first product to result from Sony’s partnership with Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s unique and free-to-use website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of her hugely successful Harry Potter™ books.


I’m going to go into more detail about the game in my next post, believe me it’s so innovative, and cool you going to want to buy it.

Thank you for reading

Disclosure: PlayStation paid my expenses to attend this event.



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  1. Gutted we couldn’t attend but so thrilled to see Miss N in her element. Mine are a bit young I think looking at this, but wow, this has to be the most exciting event. Love what they did! I’m fascinated by the idea of combining gaming and reading, look forward to hearing more.
    Alexander Residence recently posted..Beautiful (After) Party ShoesMy Profile

  2. Becky

    Your pics are fab mine were all darka nd mysetrious! What a truly wonderful event
    Becky recently posted..Profile of a budgeting mum: Carolin Mader AKA Mummy AlarmMy Profile

  3. This looks like a fabulous event, what a great time you both had! Miss N looks adorable :)
    Jen Stanbrook recently posted..Wallpaper Wednesday: Movember and the Moustached ManMy Profile

  4. Spud has seen adverts for this game and he keeps dragging me over to the tv to watch them :D Looks like you had a magically fun time!
    Kate, Scattymumofboys recently posted..Mummy Mugshot #3 – Hallowe’en/Bonfire NightMy Profile

  5. TheBoyandMe

    Now I’m really irritated that we couldn’t go, however we have the game on loan and I can vouch that it is amazing!
    TheBoyandMe recently posted..Naughty Or Nice?My Profile

  6. Liz Burton

    OMG that sounds like the best day out ever, and alarmingly close to some of my fantasies! LOL
    Liz Burton recently posted..How the Other Half lives – Doing it outdoorsMy Profile

  7. Nikki Thomas

    Wow that sounds and looks amazing! What a brilliant event!
    Nikki Thomas recently posted..The curious disappearance of the Lego sausageMy Profile

  8. This post is making me wish I had time to play computer games, perhaps if they come up with an interactive crochet game I’d make the time! ;)
    ChrisTea And Cakes recently posted..This Week’s Junk Shop JewelsMy Profile

  9. Mari

    Wow what an amazing event, looks such fun, my twins are only 4 so possibly a bit early for them but lucky you, so pleased you had a great day

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