Bratz Boutique, Shop till you Drop : Review

Doll Role playing shopping

Another great idea, for Christmas, if you have a child who is a Bratz fan is the Bratz Boutique – suitable for children aged 6+.  The very cool thing is the packaging, actually becomes part of the shop too.

You receive one of the four main Bratz dolls – Cloe, Yasmin, Jade or Sasha.  In our case it was Cloe (I have checked, and it is spelt correctly) she has the most amazing long blonde hair. She came fully clothed in a top, skirt and fur gilet, with boots and jewellery and sunglasses.

You also receive lots more accessories for your shop including a checkout counter, scanner and Monitor, even another dress on a mannequin and a shopping bag.

We have been playing with this for over a week now, and absolutely love it.  My girls aged 3 and 10 have loved playing this together and its been really lovely to see them interact, taking it in turns to be shoppers and boutique owners.

Bratz Boutique

The checkout counter, has two buttons on it, one that makes the sound of the scanner, and also a register button that can be used when you have completed the sale. Very cool!

The Cloe Doll is great quality, as are all of the accessories. The earrings are small though, so you should be aware of those around very small children.  I love that with Bratz dolls you take the whole shoe and foot off, to interchange.  I think children find this much easier than fiddly shoes.  Especially good with this, as the boutique included a new pair of shoes, which needed to be tried on lots of times! Once you have decided though, the shoes can be put inside the shoe box provided, and placed in the shopping bag. Great attention to detail.

Bratz Doll Cloe

We loved the Bratz Boutique it was good fun, and a great gift to cross our age gap, as it was something both girls enjoyed.

It is available at various places for around £30, though it is currently on offer on Amazon for £25.05. Happy shopping!

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