Organisation for the kids bedroom

Organising a childrens bedroom

With the new year just beginning now is the time when many parents take a look at their home and plan the next round of home improvements ready for spring. The Sales are underway in many shops and online so a great month to pick up a bargain!

If the kids bedroom is now full to overflowing with new Christmas gifts added to their already well stockpiled toy boxes-making their bedroom look more like a landfill site than somewhere to play and sleep, there are a few great ways of creating more storage and more play space, making it easier for both kids and parents to keep clean and tidy.
When the time comes for a bedroom makeover for the kids, if they want to help choose a new bed, furnishings, paint or even bedding make a deal with them. Help them to decide which toys they still enjoy playing with and select toys that are no longer of interest to them or that they have grown of.

These toys can be taken to a local charity shop or even donated to a hospital. If there are items that are in tiptop condition, maybe a car boot sale would be a fun way to raise a little cash to put towards the new look bedroom!

Storage and space are two important factors when designing or agreeing what goes into their bedroom. High-Sleeper beds are very popular at the moment with plenty of styles to choose from. These beds are a great way to utilise space, all you need to decide is which style suits your child.

Some high sleepers have a desk and cupboards built in underneath the bed; others have a desk and a pull out chair bed, perfect for sleepovers.

There are even high sleeper beds, which have a wardrobe and shelves underneath, or nothing at all, leaving you to furnish the space beneath the bed yourself.

Cabin beds are another popular bed design for children. Similar to a high sleeper these are often set lower to the ground with drawers or storage space under the bed.

With a bed, desk, cupboards and chair all built underneath the bed, both cabin and high sleeper beds are perfect for creating more floor space and extra storage.

Remember, if there is a space for every last toy and item of clothing, there can be no more excuses for an untidy bedroom. Children will help out by tidying up their bedrooms if the room is modern and cool. Take a look at Bedstar direct beds to see their collection of both cabin beds, high sleepers and also beds with extra storage for mum and dad too!

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  1. Christine says

    Oh I know how it feels. My son’s birthday falls on August so he gets lots of toys that month. Fast comes December and he haven’t even opened up all the toys from his birthday. He gets more toys for Christmas! I have lots of toys still in their boxes. For parents, I think we prefer to get clothes as gifts because we know they grow up so fast they need new clothes every few months.

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