5 Ways To Make Changes and a Great First Impression for 2013

5 ways to add kerb appeal

No this isn’t a post about how you need to lose the post-Christmas weight (though I need to) or getting fit and healthy (I’m trying my hardest to) but about the first impressions created by your home.

No matter what kind of home you live in, I believe first impressions count.  Some homes have ultra modern exteriors or period features galore, but large or small, period or modern…first impressions count!

1. A splash of colourful perfume

A splash of colour, whether it be window boxes or a hanging basket, flowers makes a home look welcoming and smelling desirable!

You can buy ready-made containers from a garden centre for just a few pounds, or why not try something different, perhaps recycled and fill with it flowers.  We used to have a chimney pots at an old house of ours, they look so charming outside a period home.  We now have a modern house, so opted for cast grey angular tubs, which can be filled to the brim with flowers to soften them, but keep with modern feel of the house. Or topiary, which adds both structure and grandeur. Whatever the season, there are plants available to add colour, texture or scent.

 2. Dress up your driveway

If you have weeds growing through your driveway, cracks and even staining, this definitely gives a poor first impression.  Why not look at renewing your driveway?  It may even give you the opportunity to create more space, for an extra car, at the same time perhaps make good or add a gate to your drive. Why not check out the CR MacDonald site, as they offer both tarmac and block paving. Once down these kinds of surfaces are durable and very easily maintained.

3. The doorway to your soul

A door says so much about a house. If you revamping an old one or buying a new door.  It does require careful consideration. Think about the colour, door furniture and even the door number. If your door has out dated door furniture, and peeling paint it conjures up a feeling of the house not being loved.

Painting your door, is such a simple and extremely effective way of improving the first impression of your home.   It gives you the great opportunity to go a little wild with colour, how about a bright cerise, or a plum colour in a high gloss, or for a contemporary look, matt, muted and washed-out colours are often favoured.  Make sure if you are painting you use the correct type of paint, so that all your good work isn’t going to waste.

4. Lightening the mood

Not only used for security, lighting can add fantastic symmetry to a entranceway, is pleasing to the eye and very welcoming.  Think about choosing lights that are sensitive to movement and turn on as someone approaches the house, making it easier for visitors. If you have a front garden area think about adding solar lighting a cost-effective way of adding interest and perhaps as a pathway to your home.

5. Wash and brush-up

Washing your windows, or lets face it getting someone to regularly wash them for you, is another important first impression.  Step back, look at you house and see what needs to be cleaned and tidied away.  It may be a case of sweeping up leaves, or making a trip to the dump with some long forgotten item .Make sure you polish your door furniture and give your garage door a wash, and rid any cobwebs.

Trim your hedges, and make sure any bins, are either out of sight, or if that is not possible, are clean and closed.

So there you have it, my 5 ways to make changes and a great impression with your home exterior in 2013.

Thank you for reading

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