The World’s Best Aquariums

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Aquariums are the perfect rainy-day activity, and also a great place to visit when on vacation to marvel at the diverse aquatic life from around the world. Most have wonderful attractions that appeal to all age ranges, encouraging learning while being amazing at the same time.

Here is a list of the top aquariums from around the world.

1. Chessington World of Adventures’ SEA LIFE centre, England
Experience the mysteries of the deep blue sea up close and personal at the SEA LIFE centre. This family-friendly aquarium boasts a walk-through tunnel, allowing you to step into the underwater world of the blacktip reef sharks, jellyfish, rays and more. There are daily talks and feeding sessions to help you swot up on your fishy knowledge, and rock pools that let you interact with starfish, seaweed and crabs. Whether visiting as a family or as part of a large group, there is plenty to entertain for a whole day.

2. AQWA: Aquarium of Western Australia
Australia boasts 12,000km of coastline, and AQWA aims to give you a guided tour of the whole lot in one day. With over 40 exhibits on offer, there is something for everyone. They take in the full range of Australian aquatic life, from the pineapple fish of the freezing cold Southern Coast waters to the colourful tropical fish of the Far North Coast coral reefs. Take a deep breath and venture into Australia’s largest walk-through aquarium, where you will be surrounded by turtles, stingrays, an array of fish and, of course, huge sharks! For the even more intrepid, you can come face-to-face with these astonishing creatures by diving or snorkeling in the tank itself. AQWA is also packed with interactive exhibitions and expert talks that will inform and enlighten any budding marine biologist.

3. AquaDom Sea Life Centre, Berlin
Experience the unique exhibit of the AquaDom, a huge cylindrical tank containing 1 million litres of water and over 1500 fish, making it the largest cylindrical tank in the world. There are over 20 attractions at Aqua Dom, including interactive rock pools, guided tours and talks about the different aquatic species. Particular favourites are cute clownfish, the scary Mediterranean moray eels and the huge eagle rays.

4. Acquario di Genova, Italy
The Aquarium of Genoa is the second largest aquarium in Europe. Its aim is to let you experience the full range of aquatic life from around the world, incorporating cold, tropical and Mediterranean seas, brackish waters, tropical freshwaters and tropical forests. Favourite attractions include the dolphins, sharks, seals, and the tropical lagoons, where the colourful delights of the coral reef can be seen. Education and research are at the forefront of the aquarium ethos, so there are plenty of interactive exhibits and a world full of knowledge all presented in an easy-to-understand and interesting way.

5. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta
The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the world. It houses more than 5000 different species of sea life, totalling around 120,000 inhabitants, with the largest and most awe-inspiring being the four gigantic whale sharks. These incredible creatures are the only ones found in an aquarium outside of Asia and are, by far, the main attraction of the aquarium. However, there is a whole lot more on offer too. Dolphin Tales is a spectacular show featuring dolphins and performers diving, dancing and playing. There are also Beluga whales, manta rays, frogs, a 4D cinema and the chance to dive into the tanks, making it an experience to remember.

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    I guess the world’s best aquarium is but a subjective topic. You can find the world’s most awesome creatures in most of the bigger aquariums around the world. US and Japan have very cool aquariums to boast for but there are still the ones that are placed on malls that are really cool as well.

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