New Year, New Window Dressings.

living room shutters

Are you feeling the itch to change things in your home as well as your lifestyle for the new year? We definitely are, and I’ve been spending lots of time in January, trying to look at my house with fresh eyes as well as to look again at my New Years resolutions, to keep those fresh in my mind.  

Last year we tackled our living room, and completely revamped it. This year, we have a few more rooms on the cards. New window dressings, are definitely on the cards, and there is fantastic choice of curtains and made to measure blinds, to suit all homes.  I am going to show you 5 beautiful ways to dress your windows in this post today, all of which we are considering for our home.

1. Venetian Blinds

hilarys venetain blinds

Perfect for kitchen and bathrooms, Venetian blinds, are sleek, and clutter free way of dressing a window area. We have perforated metal ones in our kitchen and utility room, and we love them.  If metal or plastic blinds are not your thing, than wooden blinds I think offer a great option as they add warmth and texture to a window.  Venetian blinds are available in varying slat width and colours, to suit your taste and room.

2. Shutters

Wooden Venetian Blinds Hilarys

I’ve never lived in a home with shutters, but I really love the look that they give.  They are suitable for both period or modern and I think they look so luxurious and classic. They are an investment, but if you make your choice wisely I think they would last a lifetime.  Fantastic for giving you full control, of how much you open and close them.  They are also, because of there nature fantastic at preventing drafts, and once closed make a room feel snug.  I love the look of these in a bedroom, and the shadows that they create.

3. Curtains

Curtains Hilarys

The possibilities are endless with curtains, and I think this is the reason they are so loved.  Strangely we only have curtains in two rooms in our house, and this is something we are definitely thinking of changing.  I love that, as in the above photograph, they offer you the opportunity to add vibrant colour, texture and softness to a room. There are so many different styles of curtain available, and with the infinite choices of fabrics, they really can truly reflect you!

4. Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds, Childrens Room hillarys

It is often thought that roller blinds are only for bathrooms or kitchens. As you can see from the above photograph, they can look so pretty, in other rooms of the house.  There are again many choices available, not only with colours and patterns, but blackout or sheer. Also with different edges and braiding which can really change the feel of the window. I think they are ideal for children’s room, and this is the style we have gone for in ours in a blackout fabric.  I think once you are a parent, you really understand the importance of a blackout blind in the child’s bedroom.

5. Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds Hilarys

I love Roman blinds, they are for me luxurious, but still having an understated elegance. The above blinds, are very similar to ones we have in our in our living room.  Once down in the evening they feel warm, and cosy, but as you are able to completely open them, just leaving a hint of the colour at the top, letting in all of the light.  Again perfect if you are needing to add dramatic colour or pattern, or when needing to blackout light.

So, this new year, if you are making changes to your home, which window dressings do you prefer?

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  1. says

    I love the Venetian blinds in the first picture. We are thinking of getting blinds for the living room as Amy and the cat keep destroying the curtains, so this might be an option that is a little sturdier, but still allows us to protect us from nosy neighbours x
    Carolin recently posted..Silent Sunday – 27 January 2013My Profile

  2. lauralou says

    I love the wooden shutters but I must admit I’m a fan of a good old pair of I feel like they help to make the room look bigger, whilst the folds of the blind keep them looking soft.

  3. says

    I love the Venetian blinds within the initial image. We have a thinking of obtaining blinds for the living room as Amy and also the cat keep destroying the curtains, thus this could be an choice that’s a little sturdier,

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