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Andy (Vinegar and Brown Paper)I’ve a really interesting online store, for this weeks addition of I Love Mondays.

 Vinegar and Brown Paper : Ideas Etched in Glass.

Vinegar and Brown Paper was created by Andy Poplar.  After an award-winning career in advertising, he decided he’d reached the end of his creative tether and left to become a freelance writer, designer and stay-at-home dad.

When I went onto Andy’s about page and saw the above photograph of him in the mirror, I stopped dead in my tracks. This is just so true, and a great philosophy to live by.

There are so many lovely ideas on the site, but I thought I would share my three favourites.

How about this for a Valentines gift, a shaving mirror (£30), I really think I should buy Tall Dad this, you know for all the times I’m just a little bit grumpy…

daily reminder Vinegar and Brown Paper etched glass

There are lots of etched glass milk bottles (£18) on the site. I think they would make a great gift for someone special. I have a vintage advertising bottle, and use it as a milk jug for cereals when we are having a weekend lazy breakfast all together. I think this one could be used like that, or would look great on display too, on a kitchen shelf. It even has the foil top!

Vinegar and brwon paper, etched glass milk bottles

And finally because they are my absolute favourite childhood sweets, a vintage etched sweet jar (£48) just gorgeous!

Vinegar and brown paper, rhubarb and custard, sweet jar

Do visit the site, and see all of Andy’s other items, Vinegar and Brown paper is definitely one of my favourite I love Mondays to date!

Thank you for reading

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