She’s Growing Up!

toddler bedroom moving to big girls bed,

We have reached that point! You know when your baby girl, is no longer a baby, and the converted cot bed, really doesn’t cut it anymore!

There are a few issues with Miss A’s (3) room as it stands. We really would like to get her a single bed, as an incentive for staying in her room all night. She doesn’t have anywhere to put her night light safely, and so it ends up on the floor, and that not great, and we all end up tripping up on it.  She also doesn’t have any drawers either, so nowhere to keep her pyjamas and underwear.  Or even a bedside cabinet, to put a book on.  Storage really has been an issue, her current bed is too low down to accommodate under bed storage, and the room is too small to add any other storage, so always looks messy.

I thought the best place to start was to do some internet browsing which is what I love doing. I have a feature on the blog called I Love Mondays, where I look out for new and unusual pieces online.  What I needed for Miss A’s room, were key pieces, that would make her room feel more grown up, and tackle these problems, but stay within my review budget and have the ability to grow with her.

The Range had a great selection on offer, with fantastic childrens furniture and home accessories available, and I had been asked to review some products for the range, so the timing was perfect. We were quickly able to make our choices, such was the fantastic selection. We went for a gorgeous single bed, and a bedside unit that had drawers too, killing two bird with one stone.  There was a fantastic selection of bedding and accessories, so I managed to order these too.

We did carefully measure the space, and use the measurements on the site for all of the items, and we soon realised that Miss A’s room was in fact not going to be large enough.  I really wanted her to have a few more of her toys in her room too, and have more floor space to be able to play with them.  So this room makeover ended up being a slightly bigger project than we first imagined.  We needed to swap her room with the guest room, so there was lots of fetching and carrying needed.

It is now complete though, and we are thrilled with the results,my next post will be the big reveal.

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