Filling Your Walls With Memories

Wall Art

Credit : via Amanda 

This is a Comissioned Post.

There are so many possibilities with canvas art work. You can fill your walls with memories, colour and really put your own stamp onto your home.  In this post I thought I would share some of the hints and tips to choosing the perfect piece.

Many of us have any area of wall, that is just missing something, and canvas wall art is a fantastic way to cost effectively fill that space. There are some considerations and rules to remember though.

1. Style

You really do need to step back and look at the area that you buying for. Think about the style of art that would suit the area. If you have a 70’s vibe in your living room, then choose artwork that has that  appropriate retro look. In a kitchen why not choose something organic or a family photograph of all of the family eating at your favourite restaurant, or of your children making a mess baking.

2. Size

The size and shape, is also very important. You do need to be careful with this, and sometimes its hard to imagine the size on your wall. I have tip that we have used before, and its to make a paper template.  You could use wrapping paper, and measure out the size and cut out.   Just remember to use a low tack tape so it doesn’t spoil your walls. Then check the size. Is it too small, or even overbearingly large?  This really does work, and can save you money and disasters in the long run!

There is a new site, that is just about to be launched which promises to be fun. Custom Canvas, they are going to offer the ability to print family portraits, through social media like Facebook and Instagram.  I cant wait to hear more!

You can also dissect a photograph up, as above, which is a very cool way of filling an area.  Or grouping together lots of smaller images in a grid as in the first image above.

3. Colour

So it could be that you are starting from scratch and choosing a colour scheme for an entire room, you can use wall art to pull the look together.  Remember to think about the amount of light that the room gets, as colours look so very different at different times of the day.  All colours can convey lots of different emotions. Some are calming and peaceful, others warm, fiery or cold.

You could start off with a very neutral palate, and use your art work, and soft furnishings to add layers of colour to the room. Great if you are like me, and like to change colours fairly often.

So the overall thing, is go for it, choose images that you love, but remember to keep these three rules in your mind as well, have fun and happy hanging!

Thank you for reading


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