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I was sat chatting to one of my friends the other day, having a coffee.  We were playing the ‘If I won the lottery I would…’ game. We all play it I’m sure. We started off with outlandish ideas, a personal chef, a year-long cruise around the world, a room just for my shoes, an apartment in New York, the usual really! 😉

But after a while of being completely OTT, the one thing we definitely agreed on, was we wanted to have a house that was beautiful, a couple of family holidays a year, and to use the money to help our families.

Now my friend is very similar to me, and really loves interior design, and as we described what for us would be our perfect house we both agreed on one thing, hardwood floors. I’m talking upstairs and down, all of the house! We both love wood flooring whether it be solid oak flooring from somewhere such as Border Hardwood Timber Merchants, walnut or cherry. Hardwood flooring would be very high on both of our lists.

‘It would be so perfect’ we both sighing reaching for another hobnob.  As in our head we were building our perfect home, from the ground up!

A hardwood floor, can have planks in various sizes, you can even mix the thickness of them. They have character, weather and improve with age.  However they are incredible hard-wearing and a softness to them as well. They are one of few changes to flooring that can actually add value to your property too.  I feel it is a warm alternative to carpet, and they are far easier to keep clean. Not sure why I’m concerned about that though I shall be having a cleaner now that I am rich 😉

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  1. Dan, says

    One of the things I love most about hardwood floors (including what you’ve posted) is that they truly are the centerpiece of a home. They bring comfort and elegance to any room, they are a economic choice, and who doesn’t love going green? I really enjoyed reading this, its nice to heart that people have the same passion about hardwood floors as I. Thanks,


  2. Graham Poole says

    Hard wood flooring is definitely worth it in comparison to laminate, if only for the improved longevity, and the ability to be refinished/refurbished.

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