I love Mondays: 5 Fabulous Toy Storage Idea

I love mondays 5 Fab Toy Storage Ideas

If like me, you are still looking for solutions to cleverly store toys, then this post should really help you. I have sourced some really fabulous and stylish solutions to sort the toy clutter!

toy storage 5 Fab Toy Storage Ideas

First up is this idea from A Place for Everything.  Because in the end, with all good intentions of putting everything away at the end of playing, the perfect solution is that things can be organised and clearly labelled so that a child can help too.  These boxes are, I think is the perfect solution for this. Plain white, with blackboard front, so they will go in most décors.   As long as you don’t overfill, look great stacked.  Priced at £21 for two boxes, I think they are a very good price for their size.


Source: coxandcox.co.uk via Amanda on Pinterest


These canvas bag, are from Cox and Cox, and are made from a stiff cotton, priced at £20 each. I absolutely love the retro styling of them, and they are on my want this, for Miss A’s room.  They even have a wipeable liner, making them practical too. They also do ones for hat and shoes, which are equally gorgeous.
toy storage, stacking, princess, pirateAlso from A Place For Everything site – I really love this set of three large themed toy storage boxes. Usually they are £60, but are reduced to £44 at the moment.  Each of the boxes has four different characters moulded within the plastic on each side aimed at creating a bit of fun whilst encouraging the kids to tidy-up after themselves. I know the Miss A would really love mixing up a pirates head with fairy legs, anything that makes tidying up a little bit more enjoyable is a winner for me! They can be easily moved around too, as the base has wheels.


If you can source vintage low level drawer units like these, they are very effective for toy storage, as are the baskets to the right.  Because they are low level they are easier for children to help tidy away. Also because there are multiple drawers or baskets, the toys can really be easily sorted into categories and labelled.

My eldest daughter has just had a new bed, a Daybed  we found at John Lewis. Daybeds are fantastic, as they tend to be a little higher. So the storage boxes, and drawer units will fit neatly underneath, hiding any unnecessary clutter. She also feels it’s more sophisticated now she is the grand old age of 10!

Finally storage, that displays toys :

Source: belandsoph.com via Bel and Soph on Pinterest

These are from a spanish company called Bel and Soph, they are perfect for all of the toys, that are really too beautiful to be hid away. I’ve not found any in the UK, so If you know of anywhere that sells them I would be really interest to know.

So how do you store you toys?

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