Lanolips Rose Balm Intense

alm Intense (New Purse Size) hand cream review

This is the second of my reviews of Lanolips products, the first being Golden Ointment. This is for the for Lanolips Rose Balm Intense. I reviewed the handbag size of this balm (£5.99- 25ml) for very dry hands and nails.  As the name suggest, it smells is of roses, which I know some people don’t like, but I loved it, and it is very delicate, and not at all over powering scent.

My hands are extremely dry in winter, so much so, my finger tips and knuckles are actually feeling sore. I think perhaps I need to perhaps switch to the Golden Ointment on this area, rather than this balm, as I felt I needed to reapply the balm very quickly.  But I wanted to test it first, to give you my honest opinion. I think combining the two, for me would be the most effective. The Lanolips Rose Balm does leave the backs of my hands and fingers though feeling very hydrated.

Like the Golden Ointment, it contains Medical Grade Lanolin, but also shea butter, cocoa seed butter, wheat germ oil, and rose oil. You can definitely tell you have it on, and the backs of my hands especially look visibly improved.  Overall I really like this product, and it is a very welcome addition to my handbag…or should I say satchel! 😉

Available exclusively from Victoria Health.

Thank you for reading

Disclaimer: I was given the above product, as a sample so I could review it.  My opinion is 100% honest.


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