What do you use your phone for?

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Where would we be without our mobile phones hey?

Sometimes I really wonder that.  As we surround ourselves, like most families with technology, where would we be without it all? I get twitchy if I don’t have my phone close to hand.  It seems to get used all the time, as a calculator or to quickly search for something on the internet, looking at twitter, Facebook and checking emails. We even use a mobile rather than an alarm clock, to musically (ahem) wake us up in the morning.  In fact I think the thing I use it for the least is actual phone calls.  

I am desperate to upgrade my phone though, and after checking out the Phones 4 U upgrading service, I’m trying to work out what my options are.  I think one of major advantage is if you moving from one of the other major mobile network providers, then you can keep your existing number.  I have a friend (Chez) who is amazed that in the 18 years or so that we have known one another, I have never had a different number.  I would really hate having to change it after all this time.  It’s also feels like part of my history now. It’s the number that my husband (boyfriend at the time) choose for me and I remember it was the first gift he ever gave me  That’s a bit of a long story though, but it was the first time I’d owned a mobile phone, and the number ends with 999 , and he quipped as he gave it to me that it was for emergencies….ahh memories!

So why choose Phones 4 U? Well there seems to be lots of reasons too.  One of which is that Phones 4u is an independent mobile retailer, offering so much choice, they offer all of the networks and smart phone brands, making your choosing simple, quick and effective.

I also love the fact that Phones 4 U have a price promise, so you wont find the same handset anywhere else for less. That’s got to be a good idea for the bank balance.  I recently took a company up on their price promise and saved quite a large amount of money, so definitely something I look out for now when I purchase anything.

Phones 4U have also been chosen as Best High Street Retailer at the annual Mobile Industry Awards 2012, beating off the competition from all the other networks and retailers within the mobile phone industry. That’s got to be a major plus point.

So I’m still not sure which network I’m going to go for, but I’ve certainly narrowed down which of the new smartphones like.  Would it be too strange to visit the shop and see what alarm ring tones it has?

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