Pootles Papercraft!


I am very honoured to introduce to you today Pootles Papercraft  from my very talented friend Sam (of Make-up Advice Forum fame) who lovingly hand-makes these beautiful stationery products.

Pootles Papercraft has the tagline…

Taking the ordinary and making it EXTRAORDINARY!

When you visit the site, I am sure you will agree this is the perfect description – take a look at all of the stationery collections Sam currently makes! She takes things like ordinary note pads and post it notes and makes them look beautiful.

They arrived, carefully wrapped in tissue and ribbon, and I had two very eager volunteers to open them all up.



Sam very kindly made special notepads for each of the girls.  Here are Miss A’s Princess and the Frog Pads, which absolutely loves, especially loved the badges that had been added to them as decoration.DSCN6386

And look at this, post it notes, but with a gorgeous wrapper, which has a strong velcro circle to close it.



Post it notes I find so handy, especially when I’m writing,  to jot down ideas. They get grubby, and curled at the edges very quickly though, so I love this case – what a genius idea! I’ve already started using them for plotting and planning.DSCN6388

I was also sent these gorgeous blogging notepads, which I just love.  The green one reminds me of my celtic roots, and the black and cream one, Miss N declared as ‘very you’.

If you look closely you can see that each pad is hand embellished, just beautiful!

Prices are incredibly reasonable too, for something handmade.  A blogging duo such as this would be around £3 upwards, depending upon the design.

Pootles papercraft

Pootles Papercraft, is the kind of place, where you are going to find things, that just a little bit unusual.   The majority of the products featured on the website are unique one of a kind products, and rarely duplicated.  So perfect for gifts, and for people like me, who love handmade and unique products.

There are other plans afoot, and Sam plans to do some different ranges too, gift boxes, and larger writing pads.

My advice is if you want it when you see it, get it while you can!

Thank you to Sam of Pootles Papercraft, for sending us these gorgeous products.

Thank you for reading



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