Five top tips for organising your kitchen

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I have an interesting guest post for you today.  I have just been interviewed for a magazine about some of the iconic kitchen utensils that I own, which I will be blogging about once the magazine has been published. Here are some tips to how to store and organise your kitchen…

Some of us have a modest collection of cooking utensils; others of us have kitchens that are strewn with them. Our choppers, our beaters, our rolling pins and our whisks – they can end up everywhere if we aren’t careful. But leading kitchen utensil supplier Chef’s Knives Online have come up with five top tips for keeping our kitchens organised and ship-shape so that they are ready for cooking.

Hide them away in drawers

As obvious at this sounds, a simple and quick way to keep everything in check is to employ a decent sized drawer in which you can arrange everything. This will help to keep the counter tops free of clutter when it’s time to start some of your culinary magic – and you can even use specially made inserts that are designed to house specific pieces of cooking equipment.

Hang them behind the door

Over-the-door-storage mats are great for keeping things nice and tucked away in the kitchen. They are really cheap, can actually look quite smart and are ideal if you want to able to access your utensils quickly and easily. And if you add a bit of ribbon or some pretty sticky labels then they can actually look rather cute.

Got the urge to purge? Do it…

Take a look through your cabinets to see if you are keeping things unnecessarily. We all do it; we hang onto to things in the kitchen – just in case. But do you really need that third chopping board that was given as a present so long ago you can’t even remember? Or, do you absolutely need three of the same quality Kasumi cook knives? Give it away – you’ll appreciate the space in the long run.

Resist the urge to use your fridge as an art gallery

You can still be proud of the kiddies artwork without sticking it all over your fridge freezer – there must be better places. We’ve all been guilty of it, but by keeping it clear of clutter and free of week old shopping lists, we only end up making things look overly-busy and untidy. The guys at Chef’s Knives Online advise us to keep the front of the fridge clear so that we can start as we mean to go on our mission to keep our kitchens in tip-top condition.

Ambient lighting hides a multitude of sins…

Just as all you beautiful people look lovely in candlelight; the same can be said about our kitchens. Why not try putting lighting under cabinets – this can help to invoke a warm and cosy feeling – and really serve to extenuate the gorgeous minimalistic look you have already worked so hard to achieve.

Do you have a rustic but much loved kitchen, with everything out on display, or do you prefer a clean and minimal look with no clutter?


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