Alternative Housewarming Ideas

This is a Guest Post, brought to you in association with LG.  However, it could totally have been written by Tall Dad!

Moving home can be a tiring and stressful experience so once you’ve unpacked and settled in, one of the best ways to celebrate and unwind is by hosting a housewarming party. It allows you to invite all of your friends and family round to see your new place in one fell swoop.

But it needn’t just be a big gathering that welcomes everyone to wreck your new furniture. Spilt drink and stains on the sofa are always something you want to avoid, but if you want some alternatives to that kind of party, here are other housewarming ideas that you could consider.

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How about inviting a few friends round for a film night? There are so many great new TVs on the market at the moment which are perfect for setting up a home cinema. My friend recently pre-ordered LG’s new 55 inch OLED TV from Harrods which lets you stream films on demand and has 3D TV technology. OLED TVs are the ones that are just a few millimetres thick with no frame, and the picture quality is insane, check it out! The launch price is £9,999, which may seem a lot to spend on a TV, but if you saw this TV in the flesh it would blow your mind – you’ve never had a home cinema experience like it! Stock up on pizza, popcorn and beer and watch those hits you didn’t catch on the big screen. If you want it to feel a bit more like a party, you could incorporate a few drinking games into this.

If the summer ever gets here, you could christen your new garden by hosting a barbecue. Is there anything better than an activity that combines sunshine, fire, meat and beer? No is the answer. Get everyone to bring a dish and some drinks, invite the neighbours along and stick some ice in a bucket. When there’s a BBQ on the cards, you’re always in for a good’un.

Cocktail parties are no longer just for the girls, so get hold of a cocktail book that is specifically tailored for men and wow your mates with your Old Fashioned and your Tom Collins skills. Get everyone involved in making traditional bourbon, whiskey and gin-based cocktails and it’ll be a more suave version of the typical housewarming. James Bond, eat your heart out.

Or if none of those ideas float your boat, how about a good old fashioned games night? From poker and Monopoly to Rock Band and Scalextric, this night will separate the men from the boys (or at least let you play with kids toys without having to ‘babysit’). You could even crank it up a notch by adding some bets to a game! Just keep it a quiet night though, you know how Monopoly can turn even the quietest of nights in to a potential argument…

On a side note, I am totally hoping we dont move house again soon 😉

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