Walking In Dorset

Walking in Dorset We were in Dorset over the weekend visiting friends, so whilst we were there, I took a few photographs.  From this set you can see we took a walk through a couple of villages, and made a trip to the park.  Its a fabulous part of the country and we had a really lovely time.
Walking in Dorset

You are never to old to play in the park….

Walking in Dorset

Honestly, if you squint, you can see a camouflaged man swinging from a tree…

Swinging in Dorset

Walking in Dorset

Even the bus stops are gorgeous.

Dorset Bus ShelterDorset sign

I loved this stream that we passed, with flowers growing through the stone wall.Walking in DorsetWalking in Dorset

If we had stayed long enough we might have seen a cat, but the weather wasn’t really warm enough.  There is a ridiculously silly joke in that sentence, somewhere.

You definitely needed wellies.Walking in DorsetThank you for reading


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