Denim – The Summer Staple

Summer Denim

Nearly everyone has a bit of denim in their wardrobe. Jeans, jackets, shirts, shorts – it’s such a great material to work with that designers and retailers find space for it in every collection for every season. Styles may change, colours and washes may come and go, but essentially, denim is probably the biggest-selling fabric across the world all year round – even in the summer.

Many people think of denim as being a heavy fabric, so might not think about it in a summery context, but actually, some of the things that make denim so great in general are the same things that make it a perfect material for warmer weather. Let’s start with its versatility. Denim is really pliable, so it can be used to make pretty much any type of garmet. We tend to think of jeans first, but denim is regularly used for shorts, shirts, skirts, dresses and accessories. For example you can get denim shirts from Cotton Traders online today as well as other online retailers. It also works really well in combination with other materials, so designers can really go to town on designs that include denim as well as styles that are completely denim-led.

It’s a very comfortable material to wear. Many designers use 100% cotton, which is soft and breathable, meaning that it won’t chafe your skin and is great to wear at any time. For stretch jeans, the cotton content comes down by a couple of percent, and a little elastane is added. This doesn’t take away from the feel of the denim, but just adds a little extra stretch for a great fit. Denim comes in different weights, so designers often use heavier weight denim for winter-styles and a lighter fabric for the summer.

Denim always looks good, if you wear it well. Very few people can get away with top-to-toe denim, but a great pair of jeans, flip flops and a floaty linen top look great when you’re shopping on holiday, and you just need to change into denim shorts and a bikini or tankini top to head down to the beach. Click here for more swimwear products from Cotton Traders.  For men, pulling a denim shirt over a pure white t-shirt adds a stylish layer in the evenings, whilst longer denim shorts, boat shoes and a polo shirt give you an instant smart-casual look.

Don’t dismiss denim as a winter fabric. It offers fantastic opportunities for style in the summer too, giving you the opportunity to look cool, trendy, sophisticated or classic, depending on how you wear it.

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