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Bento:  Back to School

I love the Bento Lunch Box idea. I think I have always tried to not only make a packed lunches look appealing, but to give variety each day and keep the portions small.  I’ll be honest though, I’ve not really ever found the right kind lunch box to do this. I’ve ended up, putting some things in sandwich bags and separate containers, I’ve lost count of how many spoons I’ve lost!

So it really appealed to try the Click LockT Bento Mealtime Set from Munchkin. Miss A (4) started school this week, and she is definitely the kind of child who gets overwhelmed by large portions of food, and then refuses to eat at all.  So I also thought this was an excellent idea to use because she’s quite naturally going to be feeling nervous on her first days at school. Something that would make her smile when she opened it.

We have had a dummy run, just to make sure that she was able to easily open everything, and she found it all very easy.  All three compartments (one large and two smaller) have lids which lift off, and the fork and spoon, very easily click back into place. So hopefully no more missing spoons!

Now, I’m certainly no expert so I have started off my Bento journey very simply. I have however recently been looking at the amazing Bento creations by Lucy from the Capture By Lucy blog, they are just so fab ! Or Liz who has also reviewed the box on her blog – Me and My Shadow.  I absolutely love the ideas she has come up with!

Today’s Bento box (below) is my attempt at a gingerbread house theme. So Miss A has taken in to school today is a house shaped ham sandwich with two gingerbread people standing at the door, with lots of colourful fruit and vegetable to go with it, hopefully looking a little bit like the sweets that decorate the houses.  I also included a mini pot of Philadelphia which I know is her favourite. The Munchkin Bento box is very compact which is another thing that I love.  It easily fits in her school bag, again this is problem I have had before.

Bento box back to school

The Click LockT Bento Mealtime Set is available in three colours; blue, pink and green and is priced at £7.99. To purchase visit BPA-free, the entire Bento set is microwavable and freezer safe.


She absolutely loved her lunch and ate every mouthful! There were no spills in her bag, and all cutlery was returned, hurrah!

I was given two boxes to review, my thoughts in this review are 100% honest.

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    Thanks so much for linking to Bento Babies! It’s taken a while to convince some people of the power of Bento but I have found it has got my boys eating so much better, trying new things and all from presentation! xxx

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