Hotter Shoes Review : Nottingham In the Spotlight

I am already a convert to the Hotter Shoes concept, you can read my first Hotter Shoes Review HERE.  However I bought mine online, and I have never been into the store.   So I was very intrigued to see what I found, when I was recently was invited.

Firstly the store…

The Nottingham branch is bright and airy, but had a very homely feel, with comfortable chairs and seating areas, fresh flowers, the staff knowledgeable and friendly.  I arrived midweek, it was a cold and wet day, and yet the place was buzzing with people, men and women browsing the shelves and being fitted for shoes.  Even though the store was very busy, it was spacious and I didn’t feel rushed. It is a well placed store, in the centre of Nottingham, near Marks and Spencer’s, on Lister Gate – 1-3.

Hotter Shoes

Shopping for shoes here really is different, it actually felt like an experience, it was a real pleasure.  The staff were exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable, but most of all passionate about the Hotter Shoe brand.  I chatted at length to the Manager Tracey Gwilliam-Smith, who talked me through the amazing quality and comfort of the shoes, and how proud she was to work for Hotter Shoes.

After I had browsed the shelves, I was asked to take a seat, and my foot was measured. I do struggle with some styles of shoes, and since I had my first child, my feet have grown (as has my waistline) so I was intrigued to find out what I actually measured up to be. The assistant informed me, I am a size 8 E. Which means that I have a wider than average foot.  Hotter shoes come in three width fittings E, EE, and EEE the latter being the widest. That does explain why I have, had problem in recent years with certain styles, including heels.Donna Heels - Hotter Shoes

And now the shoes…

Hotter shoes offer such a wide range of shoes, they are the UK’s largest shoe manufacturer. They are already very well known as offering unique Comfort Concept features inside and out – flexible, pillow soft underfoot cushioning to impress men and women alike. They have three core ranges, trend, signature and classic.  They not only offer extra wide shoes, accommodating many different foot conditions, but they also have styles that don’t have any seams which are perfect for people with diabetes. These features are so important to many people, including myself, but what I was surprised at, is how on trend some styles are.  I actually took away with me two pairs of shoes, and I could have chosen many more!

My first choice was the Nigella ankle boot – £90. It was so incredibly comfortable, but this had not taken away any of the style, which it has oodles of.   I must admit I had almost given up the thought of wearing heels every day, and I really missed the dressy and smart feeling that it gave to a outfit.  These heels were so comfortable, I felt my foot sink into the cushioning and I could barely tell I was wearing heels.

Hotter Shoes Nigella Boots

The have flexi grooves in the soles for maximum flex, were effortless to slip on with an inside zip and cushioned comfort in the sole you can feel but not see…..amazing!  Perfect for events, and business meetings I have over the winter months.

Hotter Shoes Review


Dress/Kin by John Lewis £59 Boots/Hotter Shoes £90

Necklace/ Chambers and Beau

Well I now was determined to treat myself to another pair of heels, but a pair of shoes.  When I saw these vintage inspired heels – France £80, I knew they would be perfect. They are supple with a slight stretch in the the strap. again with grooved soles, for maximum flex, and blissful padding underfoot, it sounds as if I am exaggerating, but really you have to try these on to understand how comfortable they are.

Paris - Hotter Shoes

So there you have it, classy stylish fashionable footwear and happy feet.  I couldn’t be more impressed Hotter Shoes, I will be back!

Thank you for reading


I was given one pair of the hotter shoes to review, the second I bought myself, because I fell in love!



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