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The Ingredients for – A Pie for the Shepherd Who Went Veggie! 

If you haven’t heard of Hello Fresh before, let me give you a little back ground to the service that they offer.

Hello Fresh is a new way to cook.  Every week Hello Fresh send you amazing recipes and deliver all the ingredients you need to prepare dishes.  So your meal planning and even the shopping is done for you.  The meals can be delivered for 2 or 4 people, and they can be for 3 or 5 of your main meals.  The recipes change weekly, so there is lots of variety.  You can choose a veggie box, as I did, or a classic box which includes meat or fish.  Or (and this one really appeals to me) a family box, which again provides the ingredients and recipes, but also ideas and tips to get the children cooking with you.

You receive the box to your house via a courier, and it is well packaged, with the refrigerator items coming separately within the box with ice packs.  The fresh ingredient are great quality, and said to be from local producers (*though I can’t confirm this) I also loved using the organic tinned products, not brands I had used before, but definitely would again.

Now I know this isn’t a service for everyone, but it definitely worked for us.  I love that it stretches your cooking repertoire, especially for people in a recipe rut! I am usually the one cooking the main meals in the week, but Tall Dad, once he saw the recipes, was also keen to join in too.  He was in charge of the humorously named A Pie for the Shepherd Who Went Veggie! 

He thought the recipe was well explained on the recipe cards, as did I, and very easy to follow.  I love the humour that was on all of the recipe cards, that really appealed to me, and gave it all a very human touch.  All three dinners that we made were very tasty, and their nothing was left on the plates after dinner so all in all it was a huge hit.  We actually increased the ingrediants on the Veggie Shepherds Pie, so we ate it all as a family, and the children really loved it too

I think with Hello Fresh you save time, discover new foods and recipes, whilst eating healthy dishes together. using fresh, locally sourced* ingredients.

Prices vary depending on what box you go for, and I think as well it really made me question how good this is for food waste. For three meals for two people the fee is £36, I think this is really good value.


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