Ana Snapshot : Postcard from the French Riviera

The French Riviera Coastline


Like all holiday postcards, this has arrived once I got back!

Well, what a fantastic trip I had, with The Royal Caribbean on the Liberty of the Seas.  This is just one of the beautiful vistas that I woke up to each morning.  The French Riviera, the playground of the rich and famous! This was the one port of call (whilst I was on ship) where the passengers needed to get boats to take them to shore.  You can see one in the distance doing just that.

I shall be writing up my trip in the coming days.   So if you have never been on a cruise, and want to find out more I shall be giving you the low down on what cruising is all about.

With love from


The Ana Mum Diary

p.s wish you were here 😉





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