The Joy of Learning to Read and Write

Miss A, having started school in September, is now on that awe-inspiring path of learning to read and write.  Reading two new books each week, and coming home with little notes every day and carefully drawn pictures of her family. It’s just been so lovely seeing how she is changing and developing.


Well this week Miss A(4) was sent a really lovely gift from Ladybird and Pink Lining.  A gorgeous book ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and a picture satchel which is aptly named ‘While The World Slept’. It’s perfect for carry her books and bit and pieces in when we are out and about. Even having a see-through window on the front of the rucksack so she can proudly displaying her artwork.

Pink Lining Bag Satchel

The classic Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore to life with this sturdy five-button sound book from Ladybird. Read the full Twas the Night Before Christmas verses and press five different noisy sound effects to add to the tale, from the clattering of the reindeer and Santa sliding down the chimney to sleigh bells and a jolly Santa chuckle. This is a classic Christmas book to share together during the festive season.


This is such a lovely version of Twas the Night before Christmas, and we have a couple of others already, but this is perfect for younger readers.  Miss A giggled with delight as I read aloud the poem, and she readied herself to press the sound effects, as the story progressed.  This is the kind book you would read in the run up to Christmas each year.  It is beautifully illustrated, and very colourful. No mention of Rudolf (but all of his friends are in there) in this classic, he must be a modern invention! Because of the sound effects, the book is very interactive, and keeps the child’s attention through out.  It’s priced as £8.99 and is available from the Ladybird site.



Ana Top Tip :

There is a fantastic competition on the Pink Lining site to win 9 sets of book and a satchel HERE get your entries in, it closes on the 18th of December.



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