A Not So Scary Night Light : Phillips SoftPal

Miss A is now 4, and still loves her night-light. We’ve had various ones, some too bright, some not bright enough for her, this is starting to sound like Goldilocks and the three bears!  I describe her as having ‘a bit of a thing’ for a night-light, I think that’s putting it lightly really, as she insist on having one every night, and get quite emotional if she doesn’t.  We’ve tried various things, leaving her door ajar with the landing light on, we even bought the battery operated bunny lights, that look really cute, but didn’t last very long, before they needed replacing.

Well she now has a new night-light pal Mickey Mouse:

Soft Pal Phillips Mickey Mouse

Philips has collaborated with Disney to create an imaginative character lighting range.  It really is a lovely collection of lighting products aimed at making bedtime not so scary for young children.

The new Philips Disney SoftPals range (RRP £24.99) come in the form of classic Minnie and Mickey Mouse, as well as Disney/Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. stars Sulley and Mike. The easy-to-use night-light casts a soothing glow so little ones feel comforted when they go to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night.

I think it is great value for money.  One of the features I like the most, is the fact it remains cool to the touch, thanks to Phillips LED technology. If she picks it up, and gentle moves it from left to right, the light goes on and off.  Simple enough for her to use, if she gets scared in the middle of the night.  The glow is perfect, and as a Disney loving family, we loved the characters.  We had to have Mickey though, as he will always be our favourite.


She loves her Phillips SoftPAl.  Its soft but sturdy to use, and you can detach it from the base so it can be in the bed with you safely if you need to.  However Miss A prefers to keep it on her bedside table.  Overall a great night-light, and one we would definitely recommend.


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