Bedroom Makeover : With Silentnight and B & Q

Today I wanted to share with you my mood board for my bedroom makeover with B & Q.  I’ve had great fun choosing how the bedroom was going to look, and I think I’ve captured the right feeling now.

My starting point was the rosewood wooden bed, furniture and a blind which I wasn’t changing. You can see it HERE.   It did look too plain I thought, and an injection of colour or pattern would work well in there.  I had also gone off the very orangey gold that was in the picture too.


So, as you can see below, the background and base for the look that I have chosen is the wallpaper.  It’s very vintage design, in a yellow with cream and taupe flowers.

I have added cool cream and vintage crystal as the accents.  I’m hoping this is going to keep it pretty but relaxing, as a bedroom should be.
B & Q Bedroom Makeover



I mentioned on my previous post, that Tall Dad and I have quite sore backs, in fact in recent months even my hips have been aching every morning.  We have been lucky enough to have been given a Silentnight Memory foam mattress to try on our bed too as part of our makeover. This arrived a couple of weeks ago, so we have already been able to test it out.  We’ve always had a sprung mattress, so it is a very different experience to sleep on a memory foam mattress.  After two or three days getting used to it though, I can’t tell you how incredibly impressed I am. It’s so comfortable, it almost feels like it is supporting and hugging your body as you sleep.  Completely silent too, no squeak of springs as you change position.  Amazing!
Silent Night logo

We have the Memory 3 Zone mattress, which is actually the one that was put through its paces along with 15 other memory foam mattresses, by consumer champions Which? and came out of the best overall. As I mentioned, it is completely different to a standard mattress, but once you get used to that, it really is my secret weapon to a great nights sleep!

I will be revealing my bedroom very soon, so stay tuned, I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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