Summer Style: Shavata Eyes #part 2

So this is part two of the Summer Style post, you can read part one HERE.

As well as fashion, I’ve been looking at my make-up for this summer, mixing it up a little.  It so easy to go with what you are used to, you know it suits you, so why change?  Well as in life, I think its important to give new things a go, experiment, and come out of your comfort zone.

Maybe this photograph is a step too far, but it did clearly show my how bad my brows were looking…Allium anyone? 😉


eyebrows before


I’m now in my 40’s (sheeesh when did that happen) so my eyebrows are definitely thinning  and getting lighter in colour.  All those years of plucking and threading have finally taken their toll.  So I’ve been trying out three products from Shavata, two for my brows, and one to enhance my lashes.

Here are some selfies I took with the girls the other night, where I am using the products.

Eyebrows and Lips - Summer look

They really did make a huge difference to the definition of my brows and the arch, but subtle enough for it to still look natural.  I’m still no Cara Delevingne, who has lit up the catwalk for the likes of Burberry, Chanel and Stella McCartney with gorgeous brows, that I am very envious of.

Style Shavata

Here in more detail, are the three products used :

Brow Perfector : £19.50

3 crème shades that glide on like a powder and covers the hairs as well as skin, these can also be blended to get the perfect shade for you. Ideal for filling in sparse brows or for helping camouflage tell-tale grey hairs. Apply with the soft brush for a smooth and natural finish.

Very simple product to use, I just followed the shape of my natural brow.  I used mostly the top lighter colour, as I am fair, with a little of the middle section, which helps with the overall natural look.  It wasn’t clumpy (if you know what I mean) and even though, I have a habit of rubbing my eyes, the colour didn’t transfer elsewhere on my face.

Arch Enhancer : £10.50

This jumbo pencil is fantastic for enhancing and accentuating the perfect brow, with light reflecting pigments to highlight your arch. Apply directly under your brow arch and blend with your finger to create the illusion of a lifting effect. Keep the pencil sharp for best results.

A revelation to me, as I’ve not used a product like this before.  Yes a highlighter, but not specifically a product for the brow arch.  I was very impressed, and can see a real difference in the before an after photographs.

Lash Fabricator : £15

Accomplish true extension and volumisation for your lashes at home with this innovative product. Lash Fabricator coats the lashes with a multitude of fine fibres. The perfect alternative to false eyelashes, Lash Fabricator is quick and easy to apply and gives lashes that wow factor.

I was a little hesitant to try this, as I wear contact lenses, and worried it would irritate them. It didn’t though, and left my eye lashes appearing fuller, giving the a false eye lash effect, but far more natural looking.

So there you have it, some changes I am making to my makeup this summer!

You can read part one of this post HERE.


PR Samples : My thoughts and words here though are honest.


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