How to Etch a Design on a Mirror :Cricut Explore

So this is my third project using the Cricut Explore, and I think its my favourite so far.  If you haven’t seen my other posts, I’ve decorated a iPad case and with my daughters, made a fathers day card.

I’ve loved this project, so much so, that I’m going to be etching another mirror next week.  If you have any questions, or suggestions what I should etch next time, I’d love to know.  

Firstly I used my brilliant Cricut Explore to make a template, then followed the instruction on the etching paste.  It’s important to follow the safety instructions such as protecting your hands, and working with a window open.   So please make sure if you do this project, you read them carefully.

So here is the really simple process in photographs:

How to etch a mirror with a Cricut Explore

**Amendment** After practising this method more, I would leave the etching paste for 20 minutes, then carefully remove the paste.  Wear latex gloves if you have to.  When you are removing the paste rub carefully, as this will help take away any of the stubborn dried on residue.

I’d bought a couple of mirrors in the sale, they were great quality, and only  a few pounds, I think £6 for the smallest and £8, real bargains as they should have been around £40 each.


Etching a mirror with a Cricut Explore

As you can see I etched a crown on this one, as it was for the littlest princess in The Ana Mum Diary household Miss A.  It’s not perfect, and I can see a couple of imperfections, but next time I definitely can learn from my mistakes.

DIY Princess crown on a mirror

My top tips would be :

1. Apply the paste with a sponge.  I used a cut up washing up sponge.  Dabbing the paste onto the mirror, or glass. I wouldn’t wipe the paste on, or paint it, as I think it would spoil the crisp edge created by the template.

2. Apply generously.  For my next project I would apply more generously than I did on the above images, as the crown is a little patchy.

Etching a mirror with a Cricut Explore

I would love to have some suggestions of what you would like to see me etch next onto a mirror.  It looks just like this one, only larger.  Please let me know in the comments below.



  1. Hayley Karr says

    In the first picture it looks like you might not have washed all the Armour Etch off. If it looks uneven, patchy, or more white in some spots than others, then you probably missed a dried layer. You can actually kind of scrub at it and it won’t hurt it any since it actually dissolves off a layer of the glass on the mirror. That and I’ve always left mine on at least 20 minutes, I’ve had some that didn’t turn out as well with just 10 or 15. I’m not saying it doesn’t look good, but it is chemicals and not something you would want to rub off or flake onto your skin later. Oh, and don’t brush like it’s paint, just kind of ‘plop’ over the stencil, I’ve had plenty get smudged by trying to brush it thinner. Sorry this is so long.

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