Princess Mary and the Pea : Dormeo

Now this tale I am about to tell, is an honest recount of a lady…I shall call her Princess Mary, and her quest for the perfect place, to rest her weary head. Dear reader, Princess Mary, was a very beautiful lady, she was generous and kind, and always offered to look after the children in the Ana Mum Diary household, when either the very Tall Dad, or Amanda (the diary keeper) needed help.  Now this had gone on for some time, before Princess Mary declared, she had something very grave to tell them….   ”I can no longer sleep in this bed, I do not get a wink of sleep, and it is quiet uncomfortable for the royal back. ” Princess Mary sighed a very weary sigh. Now, Amanda thought this would be a very simple solution, and ordered a memory foam mattress topper, the very next day. Princess Mary, came once again and kindly looked after the children whilst Amanda gallivanting off, on yet another press trip. ”I’m afraid this is no better” the Princess told Amanda, once she had returned.  ”There are lumps and bumps that no topper will ever iron out.  I tossed and tuned and….well I am completely exhausted!” Well, this was a problem that Amanda, would not let beat her.  She scoured the kingdom for the most comfortable mattress, that anyone ever would sleep on.  It had to be perfect, with a comfort grade fit for a princess.   Royal Guest Bedroom

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And so she found one the Dormeo, Memory Delux, it was the deepest, softest mattress you could ever find.  It would keep Princess Mary cool in the summer, and be supremely comfortable. It was described as the standard by which you measure all other mattresses. The Diary Keeper Amanda, could have happily skipped, after reading this :

With 4cm of high quality visco-elastic Dormeo memory foam, the cool and comfortable surface will become the standard by which you measure all other mattresses.  2cm of the memory is foam is sewn directly into the cover and then there is a further 2cm of memory to provide even more comfort.

Comforting weight-distributing support.

Soothe away those aches and pains! The Deluxe takes all the great attributes from the Dormeo XL Memory mattress, but has 4cm of Memory Foam, providing a deeper level of comfort. It also is strong enough to provide support for the heavier areas of the body while retaining perfect memory. And with our patented Ecocell foam’s unique 3D open cell structure, it works perfectly in unison with Dormeo memory foam to provide supreme comfort.

A cooler sleep.

The structure of the mattress with its patented Ecocell core is perfect for preventing a build-up of heat and humidity on the sleep surface. Formerly known as the “Carbon” it has carbon fibres sown into the plush, Sanitized-infused cover to give you anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odour protection

So, one last time the royal Princess came, to test the mattress, and Tall Dad and Amanda, nervously awaited the results. Dawn broke over the kingdom, and the birds trilled, in the beautiful sunshine”Well?!?” Princess Mary ”I do proclaim that this is the most comfortable mattress I have every slept in, my weary bones sank into the luxurious memory foam, and I did not awake from my slumber all night” she has a spring in her step that morning and a definite twinkle in her eye. Tall Dad and Amanda rang the bells of the church tower, and declared that a little miracle had happened.  They rushed straight away to book Princess Mary, for many more babysitting duties right there and then. She had other ideas though.  ”This bed is so comfortable, I was thinking that I will stay here now on a more permanent basis…say Monday to Friday, and the odd weekend” Tall Dad and Amanda looked at one another and shrugged.  ”Well, it looks like Princess Mary has made herself very comfortable, perhaps too comfortable” They looked at Princess Mary putting in another load of washing into the washer and realised, that was all right by them! 😉

We were indeed sent the Dormeo Mattress, as described in this post, it is an accurate portrayal, so royally comfortable. It is priced at £499 for a single mattress, and is worth every penny. Princess Mary, is in fact, my Mum, and Grandma to my girls Miss A and Nia.  Since having the mattress I’ve not been able to get rid of her, but I’m not complaining, honest!



  1. Ruth says

    Ha! Great post! I’m glad you’ve managed to make the Princess comfortable. When she’s finished with your laundry, d’you think you could send her round here to do mine?


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