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Amanda Cottingham - The Ana Mum DiaryI’m Amanda Cottingham, the one on the left.   This is my top ranking UK lifestyle blog – The Ana Mum Diary.  The Ana Mum Diary includes topics such as travel, home interiors, design, food and fashion.

In the beginning, this blog was a way of documenting our life.  It has grown and evolved into so much more.  I now use it as an outlet for my passions, to showcase my photography, and to let my readers in on some of my style secrets, hints and tips.  I have been amazed by all the positive things that have come out of it.


I met Tall Dad - The Ana Mum Diarymy husband aka The Tall Fella on a blind date (17 years ago) we were engaged exactly a year after that meeting in Dublin Ireland.  It’s our favourite place to visit, and with me being half Irish, The Tall Fella, had a burst of romanticism booked the trip as a surprise, inviting the friends who had set us up.


Nia The Ana Mum Diary

We had our first daughter Nia 12 years ago, and she has been a dream of a girl, such an easy going character, but very intelligent, determined and competitive. She spends most of her days now sleeping, or slamming doors…but that’s normal right?



Miss A - The Ana Mum Diary

Next, well a whole 6 years later actually , came our curly haired little Miss A, who was such an easy baby.  She has the Shirley Temple looks of a girl born of a different era. A fiery temperament, kind hearted, fascinated with animals, nature, and watching videos of other children opening kinder eggs. (?!)



I have worked with some fantastic bloggers on collaborative campaigns, as well as some really amazing companies, including John Lewis, Royal Caribbean, Homebase, B&Q, Coca-Cola, Warner Bros, Disney and Micro Scooters.

I am also the editor of the BritMums Home and Design Round-up, where I hunt out all the best of the interior posts written by bloggers each month.

I also am part of the collaborative travel blog, We Blog Travel, born out of three Mums, who have new found passion for travel.

‘Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller!

Ibn Battuta

The Ana Mum Diary  is highly ranked in both the Tots 100 and as a Homes and Interior blog on the HIBs network, which I am incredibly proud of.  I was also a finalist in the BIBS (Brilliance in Blogging) for 2014 in the style category.

The Ana Mum Diary is varied, and I try to mix it up as much as possible.  My readers don’t want to be pigeon holed and neither do I.  If we love it, and what to shout about it, its in!

I am reliable, professional, diligent and my posts are I think most importantly fun!  My readers have been incredibly supportive and offer fantastic feedback and comments.
So here goes, I will jump in with both feet and tell you all, a lifestyle diary of a family… two daughters a Mum and very Tall Dad!


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