Doc McStuffins : Time for your Check-up Interactive Doc and Lambie

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Doc McStuffins toy review

We have been reviewing a really lovely toy this week.  It’s time for a check-up with everyone’s favourite Disney doctor – Doc McStuffin! Use Doc McStuffins magical check up tools to make Lambie talk! Help Doc check Lambie’s heart, ears and temperature. Doc also chats and sings the catchy ‘time for Your Check-Up’ song.

The Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins itself has great positive role models, and is a one I would definitely recommend.  It’s an animated show, and is the story of Dottie (Doc) a 6 year old girl, who heals stuffed toys and animals. Over the summer we visited a toy hospital, and Miss A had really been really enjoying watching the show on Disney Junior too, so was very excited to try this toy out.


Doc McStuffins toy review

What do you receive in the set?

  • Doc Doll
  • Lambie
  • Comb
  • Doc’s Bag
  • Otoscope
  • Thermometer
  • Stethoscope

This is the kind of toy that you can either let the child play on their own, and they will really enjoy and quickly pick up how to play with.  However equally it the kind of toy, that is fantastic for interaction and role playing with your child.    So far Miss A herself, has had little interaction with Doctors.  As a family however she has experienced relatives being in hospital and ill and been extremely curious.  This toy has in fact given Miss A the opportunity to ask even more questions, and has helped me understand how she is feeling at the moment about things.

The otoscope and thermometer both fit inside the Docs bag, which does make life easier, as they are small so easy to lose.  Each of these, and the stethoscope can be used on Lambie to hear sounds like a heart beat and for her to talk to you or giggle. If you press on Dotties stomach she also says phrases and sings the ‘Time for your check-up’ song, which was a huge hit with Miss A!

So overall I think this is a fantastic toy which I can imagine is going to be a really popular one this winter, as the show has lots of fans, including us!

Doc McStuffins : Time for your Check-up Interactive Doc and Lambie

Suitable from 3 +

Priced £39.99 (available from many stores and online retailers)



Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack: A Review

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Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack: A Review

teen beach movie

We were given the opportunity at The Ana Mum Diary, to review the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack before the movie came out.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to welcome Miss N my eldest daughter (aged 10) to guest post on the blog, with what she thinks.

Time for a Miss N takeover! ;)

Today I’m going to be doing a review of the new Teen Beach Movie soundtrack. I’ll start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the Teen Beach Movie premier on Friday (19th July) I’ve already watched it again, and will be watching it even more throughout the summer holiday’s.

All the songs in the album were great, and I definitely have them all stuck in my head, they are so catchy!   All the songs in the album made me want to get up and dance, as they were all so up beat. The film starts in the modern day world, until Brady and Mack surf a strangely big wave and are transported into an old movie. That explains why most of the songs are quite retro and 50’s sounding, and make you want to do the Jitterbug!

I’m going to write about some of my favourite songs.

The first one is ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ This one really got me exited. I was watching it with a friend and we straight away got up and danced around. It’s really upbeat and exiting and is a must have song for the summer.

Another one of my favourites is ‘Can’t Stop Singing’. Because Brady and Mack have been in the movie so long they suddenly start singing everything, as the characters in the movie do.  Brady loves it, and tries to enjoy all the singing and dancing but all Mack wants is for it to stop so she can get home.  This song is really one to sing along to and has a really nice melody and I like the different selection of melodies put into the one song.

This soundtrack is just full of must have summer songs and is definitely worth every penny you pay. Each of the songs has originality and vibe and I will definitely be using this soundtrack at my birthday party in the summer! Surprisingly, it’s good for all ages. In fact, I did a little test on some of my family members on what they thought on the album.

First up is Miss A(4) who has always loved Disney Movies, and is extremely exited about talking about it on the blog. Miss A’s favourite song is ‘Can’t Stop Singing’ She likes the choreography (dance moves) in it. Her favourite characters are Mack, Brady and Giggles. She likes singing to the album and coming up with dance moves to the different songs.

Next up is Amanda (my mum). She thought the songs(and the whole movie) reminded her of  a mix between Greece and West Side Story. Her favourite song was ‘Falling For Ya’ (also one of my favourites’. In fact, some of the songs made her get up and do the Charleston. #embarrassingmum

And finally, ME!  The songs in this movie get me really exited, and are a great selection of songs. They all contain originality and all make me smile. I really don’t have a favourite, they all are incredible songs with lots of personality.

Thank you for reading and check this space and my blog ‘Me and The Big World‘ for more posts over the holidays!


Miss N xox


Disney’s Teen Beach Movie….are you ready?

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Disney’s Teen Beach Movie….are you ready?

Disney's Teen Beach Movie

Because we certainly are!

Friday saw the UK premier to Disney’s Teen Beach Movie, on the Disney channel, we along with an amazing 8.4 million other viewers sat down to enjoy the new original Disney TV movie.  It was a huge hit, the songs, the dancing, and the great story line are perfect for summer.  I love that I can really trust Disney, and it is guaranteed to be a wholesome and universally suitable for children.  It has put us completely in the mood for the summer break.

Visit the site, for Teen Beach Movie lyrics, competitions and even games to play, you can see Miss N’s review of the soundtrack HERE.


We had been very kindly sent some goodies to enjoy the show, as seen above being modelled by Miss A and N. You can purchase the drinks cups and towel from the UK Disney store, priced at £15 and £5, they would make a great present.  I may have to swipe a pair of the sunglasses though, they are very cool! ;)

Here is the plot to the movie :

Teen Beach Movie stars Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally) as Brady, and Disney Channel newcomer Maia Mitchell as McKenzie. These teen surfing sweethearts ride the last wave of summer together, one that mysteriously takes them into a classic beach party movie, Wet Side Story. There it’s surfers versus bikers for control of the beach hangout… and everyone spontaneously breaks into song and dance! Now Brady and McKenzie must try to return to present day, but their lives may be changed forever when they inadvertently alter the movie’s romantic storyline – as the handsome leading man, surfer Tanner, is falling for McKenzie while biker girl Lela is swooning for Brady. What will happen and will they ever make it back to their real lives?

Miss A (4) loved it, she didn’t really follow the back in time story line, but that was fine, as she was completely engaged with the singing and dancing. We have already watched it again, and she has even picked up a few of the moves!

Miss N (10) raved that the story line was great, as well as the songs. She was impressed that it had some of the characters from her favourite shows in.  She thought the music was catchy, the outfits very cool and Ross Lynch singing and dancing in the – Cruisin’ For a Bruisin number, EPIC!


We were also sent  a signed photo of Ross…how cool is that?

So overall, we would give this original Disney Movie at score of 10/10, it was just brilliant, even as an adult I loved the feel good factor that this movie gives you, its really an entertaining children’s summer movie.

Thank you for reading


Top 5 Places To Eat In Orlando (with 6 more favourites by other bloggers)

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Top 5 Places To Eat In Orlando (with 6 more favourites by other bloggers)

food orlando

We have just booked our flights to Florida for our summer holiday, and if I don’t blog something about it, I honestly think I will internally combust.  Excitement, is building and it really is a few weeks away yet.  So, getting myself into the Florida frame of mind, I’ve been looking at holiday snaps and thinking about all of the amazing places we have eaten in.

So if you are planning a trip to Orlando, or interested in what’s available,  this post is all about The Ana Mum Diary’s top 5 of  favourite places to eat in Orlando.  Each time we go, we find new places to eat, but we also have old favourites that we visit every year. So in a Top of the Pops fashion, counting down from 5:

5 Ohana  (Polynesian) $$$

This is such a fun Disney dinner experience, and the food very different to anything I had tried before.  Not a great selection for a veggie (or pescatarian )  like myself, but Tall Dad raved about the meat skewers that were cooked in the 18ft oak fire pit.

However, this is so much more than the food, and that is why I included it in the top 5.  I have two very lasting memories of The Ohana, the first being the atmosphere.  Throughout the meal children were encouraged to get involved coconut racing and listening to stories told by the Ohana staff, in a  family style Polynesian dinner, there is dancing and hula hoops racing. The second memory is that when the meal is finished, you can sit down and listen to the music piped into the restaurant, as you watch the fireworks over the castle.  Truly magical!

4 Olive Garden $$

This is a huge American chain, but the service and quality of the food really make up for this, it’s also very reasonably priced too.  They often have offers and specials, so you also need to look out for those on the site if you are doing your holiday planing, or on the menu if you are there.  Its known as the home of the never ending pasta bowl, so great after a hard day at the parks, or shopping.  As the name suggests, it is Italian, and is also very  family friendly.  If your family is anything like mine, Italian food means, everyone even the youngest in the group are going to enjoy it.  There is a great children’s menu, but I would also recommend the flat breads and pasta dishes which are delicious.

3. Bahama Breeze $$

This is always on our list of places to eat.  It has a Caribbean feel, with island-inspired seafood, chicken & steaks, and an excellent selection of cocktails, both alcoholic and non.   This would be a place we would have a slow leisurely evening meal, as it has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  If you eat here and love fish, you simply must try the firecracker shrimp – buttermilk battered and crispy fried with a spicy red pepper sauce…simply amazing! Great also if you love rum, as it has a huge selection.

2 Sweet Tomatoes $

This is our go to place, when we are tired, hungry, and want a tasty but healthy meal.  As you enter it has a huge long counter full of gorgeous salads and dressings. Everything from prepared salads to spinach, beetroot, eggs, seeds, nuts and dressings to make your own.  Probably over 50 different salads and extras. It is self-serve, and once you have filled your plate, at the end of the salad area you pay for your meals. You can choose to drink water, or for a little extra, add never-ending beakers. Root beer bring a favourite of Miss N’s. But that’s not all, you can refill your plate with more of the fresh salads, which are constantly replenished. But also there are bays, with servers behind, that have other things available – made from scratch soups, speciality breads, and pasta.  All of which are included in the price.  To complete the meal, there is an area where you can help yourself to fruit, and ice cream, including a fat-free frozen yoghurt, which is my favourite!

We also love that each month has a theme, you still tend to have a lot of old favourites there, but they also add things to the menu. So it may be a cuisine from a particular country, or this month for example, it is ‘Berry Berry’ month so they have added new salads – Strawberry Fields Salad, with caramelised walnuts, as well as raspberry lemonade to the drinks and raspberry muffins to the deserts.

1 **Seasons 52** $$$

The winner in my eyes when eating out in Florida is Seasons 52. We usually eat in the bar area, in what we call a funky booth, and listen to the pianist, who actually plays a piano which is behind the bar. The restaurant has apparently been extended though, my hubby (Tall Dad) was there recently with work, and ate in an outside area, so I can’t wait to check this out next time we are there.

They don’t have a specific children’s menu, but are happy to make anything from the menu, into a child’s portion.  I do think children would need to be used to eating out in a restaurant, as its not the kind of restaurant that particularly caters for children, we have never has a problem though.

The food is seasonal, fresh, and healthy.  It often has unusual things to try.  The wine is incredible, some of the nicest I have ever tasted. The staff, are exceptionally knowledgeable, and the service is fabulous.  We tend to only go there once on a holiday, usually our wedding anniversary, or a birthday. Its the kind of place, that feels like a you are being wined and dined, I love that it also has valet parking.

We once went on a Friday in the evening, and the restaurant was very busy.  I soon found out, after a visit to the powder room, that it was ‘date night’ as I inadvertently heard women calling their friends with updates on dates.  It seems to be the place that the locals eat, and know about.

If you go, I would recommend that you leave room for the deserts, they come in shot glasses, and are miniature versions of traditional ones such as Key Lime Pie, Pecan Pie and Rocky Road.  Leave room for two or three! ;)

We have never been disappointed at Seasons 52 and that is why it is my top place to eat in Orlando!

I also thought it would be fun to add some fellow bloggers favourite places to eat, just so I could illustrate the diversity of food in Orlando.

Amanda Jane : Cheesecake Factory at Millennia Mall

Mel (Diary of a Jewellery Lover)  :Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht and Beach Club

Kate (Kate Takes 5) Rainforest Cafe

Marrianne (Maris World) : House Of Blues

Jennifer  (Jennifers Little World) California Pizza Factory

Helen (Actually Mummy) : The Longhorn Steakhouse

Thank you for reading


If you are planning a trip to Orlando, can I recommend a fantastic tool to plan and organise your trip.