Two New Wonderbook Games for PS3 : Review

| November 21, 2013 | 10 Comments
Two New Wonderbook Games for PS3 : Review

We have had great fun this last week, reviewing two new games for the PS3.  We reviewed the original Wonderbook game : Book of Spells last year HERE after attending an amazing launch event in London.  Well now, just in time for Christmas there are two new games to add to the series.

So what is Wonderbook?

Wonderbook is a virtual story book that comes to life in front of the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Eye camera. You experience the game, with a magical book, which enables you to feel that you are in the middle of all the action on screen. It uses augmented reality technology to transform the world around you, bringing adventure, mystery and discovery into the heart of your home.  We love it! Continue Reading


Playstation : Vita Mega Pack

| July 13, 2013 | 3 Comments
Playstation : Vita Mega Pack

Playstation Vita Mega Pack

We actually don’t own any handheld consoles at The Ana Mum Diary house.  Apart from our phones we really don’t have anything else to play games with on the move.  With the school holidays coming up, we have been considering what we could buy.  Whilst doing my research I heard about the Playstation Vita Mega Pack. 

PlayStation® Vita Mega Pack, which features 10 of the best family-friendly games alongside the PlayStation Vita handheld console. This looks fantastic, whether you are looking to play at home (whilst someone is hogging the Playstation 4) or whilst travelling and away on holiday.  Crikey, it would make the plane journey and long car rides we need to do a lot easier!  It is available now from selected retailers, including for example Argos and Amazon, retailing at £169. 

So why buy this console over others?

  • Amazing PS3-quality 3D graphics
  • Wi-Fi & 3G
  • Great mix of traditional, touchscreen and motion controls. which is great for encourage hand/eye co-ordination
  • Fantastic sub-HD OLED 5 inch screen
  • Fab built-in apps and it also many games to buy – 10 included in this pack – WipEout 2048, LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm RC.
  • Lots of reviews I have seen, call it the ‘Ultimate in handheld games machine’ …very impressive!

A more detailed Review HERE

The pack also includes an 8GB memory card to store lots of additional games, apps, videos, music and photos, something for all of the family, if you can pry it away from the kids!  It also has front and rear cameras, how cool is that to capture all those special summer holiday moments, really making it the ultimate family travel companion too.

So what do you think, do you have a Playstation Vita? Whats you favourite game?

Thank you for reading


Modern Mums And Technology On The Go.

| June 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

 As more and more of our digital technology becomes mobile and designed for use on the move, we are seeing interesting trends relating to user demographics. Statistics show that the modern mum is one of the earliest adapters of mobile technology and one of the largest user demographics, making them an important consumer group in an industry that perhaps didn’t consider them overly important in the past.

So, why are mums suddenly making the most of modern mobile technology and what does this mean for future developments?

Recent studies have shown that one potential reason for the popularity of mobile technology and devices amongst modern mums is the way in which they allow them to multi-task. Most mothers will understand just how important multi-tasking is to their daily routine and this skill is made far more manageable with a device that neatly contains all the technology necessary for easy communication, working, internet browsing, media consumption and online shopping.

It’s now easier than ever to organise everything concerning the family with one single device but it’s not just smartphones that are responsible for the change. Products such as Virgin Media mobile broadband allow mums to connect any of their computing devices to the internet and reap the full benefits of the services.

The importance of mobile technology to family communications has also grown incredibly over the last few years. Mums and their children now utilise the instantaneous communication found on smartphones and certain computer software, making this technology vital to the feeling of closeness to loved ones.

However, it’s not just for the essential day-to-day organising and communication that mums are turning to mobile technology. Such devices are now a major part of leisure and down time; whether it’s streaming videos, playing games or browsing social media sites.

There is no doubt that the effect mums are having on the mobile technology market is impressively large and, in a lot of respects, they are driving forward important developments. It’s generally accepted that mums also have a great deal of control over household finances and, in many cases, will be the ones choosing between services in the home.

This means that, not only are mums a force to be reckoned with in the mobile technology market but they’re also important players in home broadband, TV and entertainment services. You can be sure that future technology will reflect these important changes to the demographics using them.


My Recipe for a Great Night In

| February 18, 2013 | 1 Comment
My Recipe for a Great Night In

When I get chance to have an evening away from the responsibilities of my children, I love to get my girlfriends around for a really enjoyable night in chatting, eating and drinking. There’s nothing more fun than having a gossip and a much-needed catch up together.

teapigs making cocktails from tea summer

I like to find fun cocktail recipes to try out because it can be a great way to relax and have a bit of a laugh together. The fruitier the better, though you can never go wrong with a classic gin martini to really loosen you up after a hard week.

The kind of music I play really depends on the mood of the evening. If it’s a close get together with just one or two of my best friends, something quiet and chilled is always in order – I’m a huge fan of City and Colour and Birdy.

If it’s a bigger gathering with quite a few of us, something a bit more upbeat is always in order. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are the perfect musicians to really get the party started.

When you’re hanging out with the girls, it’s nice to show you’ve made an effort and get some food in. Nibbles are best because we don’t want to get too bloated to enjoy our cocktails, so canapés and finger food are a must.

If it’s a quiet night we love to stick on a girly chick flick or a great comedy. Bridesmaids is one of my favourite films because it combines my two favourite genres, but I also love Bridget Jones’s Dairy for the happy tears.