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Disney : It’s a Whole New World!

| November 5, 2012 | 3 Comments
Disney : It’s a Whole New World!

When I think of Disney, I think about the movies and TV programmes, that are our favourites, and the amazing holidays that we have enjoyed at the theme parks.  What I didn’t really, realise is, how many fantastic games, on so many platforms, that they have to offer.

Well I had a very special invite last week, to go and view some of the upcoming game releases at the HQ of Disney in London.  Unfortunately neither Miss N or A could make it, so it was up to me to take it all in, and it was a complete treat!  We saw the Disney Princess Fairytale adventure which we reviewed HERE and also the Brave video game, which I know my little Brave Princess, would love if she were a little bit older.

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