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New Buttons : My Button Swap

| March 29, 2012 | 7 Comments
New Buttons : My Button Swap

I wrote about a button swap a few weeks ago, you can read about it in more detail HERE.  Over at the Noodle Bubble‘s blog, she had the great idea that you swap 50 buttons, of any size and shape with someone else. Importantly, ones that you would like to receive yourself.  Well I have now received my package from a fellow blogger Martine.

Martine of iMake, is a lady of many talents, including crafting and photography and is from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. If you have not visited her blog before, I urge you, please do. She sent me a link to one of the podcast’s on the site, so I sat myself down to have a listen.  It really is so much more than a podcast though!  You can listen to an informative and interesting narrative, whilst perusing the links that she has added in the post that are of interest surrounding the podcast topic.  I have never seen this before on a blog, and I just loved it! Continue Reading