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Christmas Cushions : I Love Mondays

| December 2, 2013 | 18 Comments
Christmas Cushions : I Love Mondays

I am actually on the hunt for a couple of festive cushions.  So I thought I would show you the cream of the crop online, in this weeks edition of I Love Mondays.

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Autumnal Style with Homebase Soft Furnishings

| October 3, 2013 | 1 Comment
Homebase texture and print

The cold weather is most definitely just around the corner. What better way of embracing the autumnal season than looking at some gorgeous soft furnishings for your living, bedroom or family room.  You can choose a new season colour, pattern or texture, to create an individual look.  Let your imagination run wild!  It can be incredibly cost-effective too.  Today I have looked at some of the gorgeous soft furnishings that are available at Homebase. They offer a great range of bedding and soft furnishings, so there was plenty of choice on offer.

Here are my top 5 Autumnal cushions from the Homebase soft furnishings range:

1. Habitat Star Floral Red Patterned Cushion

When I think of autumn, I think of the burnt oranges and reds in nature, this is why I love cushion 1. Made from 100% cotton it is embroidered with a graphic floral design. They remind me of teasels for some reason and they add a great texture and colour to the cushion.

2.  Habitat Regency Black Velvet Cushion

This is a luxurious cushion, filled with a feather pad. It has a black silk and viscose velvet front cover with linen on the reverse. A really lovely cushion I think, especially with the sumptuous fabric used it would be lovely to snuggle up to on a nippy evening. It is also available in a shade of yellow, which would add a great pop of colour to a room.

3. Highland Cushion Natural

The muted caramel and brown colours in the woven fabric have a very angular design. The tartan cushion would work well in a monochrome living room. It is both contemporary and traditional. A very simple way of adding pattern and texture to even the pattern phobic amongst us.

4. Habitat Hop 45 x 45cm Hare Patterned Cushion Grey

A striking patterned cotton cushion.  Although the colour isn’t bold, the image is.  A strong graphic pattern of a hare running in a repeat across the cushion. Animal graphics are still hot this season and I think this one works brilliantly.

5. Habitat – Passerine 45 x 45cm Swallow Print Cushion

September is the month that swallows migrate to warmer climates (who can blame them?) so I thought I would also add the Passerine cushion –  I love how the swallow pattern is both irregular and regular to form the vertical lines.

So what do you think of my cushion choices for the new season? Are you inspired to refresh a room with soft furnishings?  I am really impressed with the range at Homebase.  Have you ever purchased cushions from here?

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Living Room Makeover : Sofa So Good

| November 14, 2012 | 21 Comments
Living Room Makeover : Sofa So Good

So, in my quest for a brighter more functioning living room, I have revealed MY DESK and TOY STORAGE. I would like to now show you my new sofas:Sofa, Sofa

We decided to go for a large sofa, big enough for 3/4 people and a small sofa, which comfortably seats two.

Interior design

After much deliberation we plumped for leather again, as its easier to keep clean with a preschooler. I say this whilst hiding felt tips from the little minx!

I purchased them from Sofa Sofa. A friend, had recommended the company to me, as being great value for money, but fantastic quality.  I was really, very impressed with the company as a whole.  They communicated with me via email, and even gave me a courtesy call, to let me know they had my order.  Very impressive.  They arrived exactly at the date we had prearranged.  I had asked them to delay the delivery slightly as I wasn’t ready for them.

The delivery men were friendly but professional unpacking the sofas, which were wrapped in cloth as well as plastic to protect them, and taking this away with them. They asked me to take my time and check the sofas were to my satisfaction. Such a fantastic experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend them. This is not in any way a sponsored post, as I paid the full retail price for them, I just wanted to share my experience.

I love the sofas, as the are quite vintage looking, with the low slung arms, but classic in shape. They are extremely  comfortable (which I was worried about, as I was buying them online) and in a warm but light colour.

I have bought new cushions too.   A very subdued collection for me, in golds and teal. The gold cushions were both from Debenhams. The cushion behind, is by Betty Jackson and has a gold thread running through the woven fabric.  The second is from John Rocha and is described as gold foil velour.

Debenhams Cushions

I have included two teal cushions, a spotty one, that can been seen on the above photograph, of the two seater, from John Lewis.  Finally, I have the cushion below, which I actually won in a competition. It’s from Liberty, and is hand painted, and made of slub silk.  I love it, I don’t think it is made any longer, but I love that it doesn’t match anything else, makes it even more special.

Liberty, soft furnishings, cushion

I do have throws, that we use too for when it gets a little chilly in the evening, but I would love to have some teal ones.  They are on my wish list at the moment, I’m open to suggestions, if you happen to see any snuggly ones, please let me know.

So there you have my two new Sofas and cushions. My next post on my living room makeover will be about an piece of funiture, that I have been lucky enough to review from a fantastic company called Fashion for Home.  I have included them in a recent I Love Mondays feature.

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I Love Mondays : Cushions and Dreams

| August 20, 2012 | 5 Comments
I Love Mondays : Cushions and Dreams

i love mondaysWell, its back, the I love Mondays blog post. I hope you have all having a fantastic summer, and not feeling too frazzled.  We are having a fantastic summer, but we seem to be so busy, I’m feeling a little dizzy….. or maybe that was the cocktails from my night out with my fellow Nottingham Bloggers? ;)

If you’ve not come across ‘I Love Mondays’ before, let me explain a little about it.

Every Monday I write a post that includes some of the things that we love at The Ana Mum Diary.  I’ve called it ‘I Love Mondays’ a kind of antithesis to the ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ hit by the Boomtown Rats.  I plan on helping banish the Monday blues with beautiful things.  I will virtual shop for your every need. Perhaps introducing you to something that you may have not seen or an online shop you have never visited before. You are in good hands, so sit back and grab a cuppa.

Once the school holidays are over I shall be updating my living room. I have ordered two new sofa’s, more on those soon. The rest of the redecoration needs be done on a budget, so it will be some soft furnishings and a few bits and pieces to make it feel cosy.  I would also like to try to fit a small desk in.  But again I am trying to do this on a budget, so I’m on the look out for a small  desk and a chair, if I can find a second-hand or vintage one I will be so happy!  I’m actually dreaming about cushion and colours, I really am undecided what to go for.

In this post I want to include some of the cushions I am considering, from John Lewis.  One of the main reason we are changing the living room is that it feels quite dark, it’s actually a nice sized room, but I think the two dark chocolate leather sofas that we have currently really aren’t helping. So I’m thinking pastel colours, or maybe creams so here are my ideas:

Cushion ideas

This one is £35 from John Lewis, I like that there is a little colour and I’m definitely hoping the new living room is going to be relaxing!

cushion ideas

I just love, love this one, also available from John lewis at £50 (44 inches square) its a really large cushion and I love the vintage feel to it.

cushion ideas

a Jigsaw cushion from John Lewis at £35.  I’m drawn to this one, I think because of the birds and the duck egg blue colour. It would keep things looking light but adding a hint of colour.

I have so many cushions, I’m also considering making my own and reusing the inner. Or just buying cushion covers.

cushion ideas

Priced at £10 for the cushion cover,   I love this pretty and feminine design. I’m not sure how it will look in my living room but it definitely would keep the sofas looking fresh and light.  My conservatory is actually green, and the next room to the living room so this might actually work quite well.

Well these are my thoughts so far, I shall be including some sofa ideas hopefully next week, including the ones that we have decided to go for.

Thank you for reading