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Christmas Style for the Party Season

Christmas Style for the Party Season

| November 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

The shops are full of sequins, bars are crowded with jovial office workers – it can only mean one thing: party season is in full swing.

Whether you’re attending a quiet dinner with colleagues, a swanky soiree with clients or a house party hosted by close friends, you need to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. Choosing the perfect outfit for each occasion thrown up by the party season doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need to pay attention to the dress code and work from there. These suggestions for party ensembles will ensure that you’re the belle (or beau) of the ball. Continue Reading

EAST : Autumn/Winter 2013

EAST : Autumn/Winter 2013

| November 19, 2013 | 14 Comments

Are you a fan of East?  Have you visited recently?  I must admit the last time I went into my local store was last winter when I was looking for some knitwear.  They have always come up trumps when I am looking for good quality, and more individual knitwear pieces.  So when, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to visit East’s High Street Kensington store, along with 5 other fashion and lifestyle bloggers to view and try on the new collection, I jumped at the chance of experiencing  East again. Continue Reading

Harumika : A Fashion Party Harumika

Harumika : A Fashion Party Harumika

| September 16, 2013 | 5 Comments

Over the Summer Miss N turned 11, and we had a party to celebrate with some of her friends. It was a Harumika Party – by Bandai.

I was sent enough materials and mannequins so that we could have a fantastic fashion party, and we were even given a miniature version of the mannequin that was a keyring, so the girls could have one of their school bags.

It was a sleepover, with a little bit of a One Direction twist, so there was plenty of time to use the Harumika, in fact, I had to persuade them to put it away in the end, so I could dish up the party pizza.

Harumika Review (Party)

It’s so simple to do, but very effective, as it is so visual.  Each of the girls were given two mannequins, a selection of fabrics, some transfers and a stylus – which they later took home in their party bags, with the key ring.

In order to create the outfits, all the girls needed was a little imagination.  You don’t need to be able to sew, and its not a messy craft that needs glue either!

You can see from the above image (figure 2) that there is slot at the back of each of the mannequins which enables you push the material securely into the mannequin in order to create your fashion outfit. Layering more fabric and belts with ease.  If you are not happy with the outfit, you can simply start again, everything is completely reusable.  There is also a set of transfers so that you can add jewellery, and more details to the design.

It was absolutely brilliant to see the girls at work concentrating on their designs. Also a little friendly rivalry between them, as I declared a prize would be awarded to the best creation!

Harimuka Party

I took these really funny shots of the girls, so proud of their work, in their One Direction masks.  Who knew the One Direction boys loved a little Harumika  in their spare time ;)

one direction

I couldn’t believe the diversity of the designs they created, and they really did enjoy it.  It’s so unusual to find something that so many children love to do all together at this age, that’s creative, and they all have the ability to do.


I must admit, even Miss A (4) and I had a play when the girls were watching a film later.



I think looking at the various sets of Harumika available, it is great value for money.  Here is a good example of Harumika starter set available on the Bandai for £11 which would give your child hours of creative fun. I must admit, lusting over the Bridal Collection too.

Thank you for reading


We were sent a fantastic package of Harumika goodies for the party. This post, and review however is 100% honest, and I did not receive any financial reward for writing the post.


Denim – The Summer Staple

| June 27, 2013 | 0 Comments
Summer Denim

Nearly everyone has a bit of denim in their wardrobe. Jeans, jackets, shirts, shorts – it’s such a great material to work with that designers and retailers find space for it in every collection for every season. Styles may change, colours and washes may come and go, but essentially, denim is probably the biggest-selling fabric across the world all year round – even in the summer.

Many people think of denim as being a heavy fabric, so might not think about it in a summery context, but actually, some of the things that make denim so great in general are the same things that make it a perfect material for warmer weather. Let’s start with its versatility. Denim is really pliable, so it can be used to make pretty much any type of garmet. We tend to think of jeans first, but denim is regularly used for shorts, shirts, skirts, dresses and accessories. For example you can get denim shirts from Cotton Traders online today as well as other online retailers. It also works really well in combination with other materials, so designers can really go to town on designs that include denim as well as styles that are completely denim-led.

It’s a very comfortable material to wear. Many designers use 100% cotton, which is soft and breathable, meaning that it won’t chafe your skin and is great to wear at any time. For stretch jeans, the cotton content comes down by a couple of percent, and a little elastane is added. This doesn’t take away from the feel of the denim, but just adds a little extra stretch for a great fit. Denim comes in different weights, so designers often use heavier weight denim for winter-styles and a lighter fabric for the summer.

Denim always looks good, if you wear it well. Very few people can get away with top-to-toe denim, but a great pair of jeans, flip flops and a floaty linen top look great when you’re shopping on holiday, and you just need to change into denim shorts and a bikini or tankini top to head down to the beach. Click here for more swimwear products from Cotton Traders.  For men, pulling a denim shirt over a pure white t-shirt adds a stylish layer in the evenings, whilst longer denim shorts, boat shoes and a polo shirt give you an instant smart-casual look.

Don’t dismiss denim as a winter fabric. It offers fantastic opportunities for style in the summer too, giving you the opportunity to look cool, trendy, sophisticated or classic, depending on how you wear it.